A Winemaking Family That Goes Back over 200 Years, 8th Generation Vineyard


Riesling two ways, dry and off dry.

How many generations do you think it takes to make a great winemaker? Well if you visit Summerland, BC’s Bottleneck Drive wine trail you’ll find the answer at 8th Generation Vineyard. The answer is 8 generations. 8 generations of wine makers going back to the 1700’s in Germany and 10 generations of wine growers mean that Bernd and Stefanie Schales not only know about how to make wine it means it’s in their DNA. It’s great discovering a new wine that you enjoy drinking but what I think is special is discovering the people behind the wine. BC Wine touring is all about discovering the people and the wine at the same time. At 8th Generation Vineyard you’ll fall in love with the wine and the people, I did.

8th Generation Vineyard

8th Generation Vineyard is located on Highway 97 just South of Summerland on your way to Penticton at 6807 Highway 97. Easy to find and easy to access is this winery and well worth a visit. When you turn into the driveway the Tasting Room is right there, you can’t miss it.

The Tasting Room at 8th Generation Vineyard

It’s not a very large Tasting Room so this summer they expanded into the warehouse as well. Now they can handle the crowds of regulars that stop by each and every year for their wine tasting and shopping. During my short visit I heard guests welcomed by name which just proves to me that “family” at 8th Generation means more than the owners, it also extends to the staff and customers as well.

Customers lined up for a tasting at 8th Generation Vineyard

expanded Tasting Room into the 8th Generation wine warehouse

Stefanie Schales in the middle flanked by two of her staff

For my tasting we head outside to the lovely picnic area they have created. I can see Stefanie’s influence as an architect in the design of this area. A perfect place to enjoy a picnic lunch with a glass or two of 8th Generation wine. Stefanie and Yolanta set up a lovely little spot for us and then we begin our tasting. Stefanie chose 3 wines for me to try, 2 Rieslings, the Classic which is a dryer German style and the sweeter Riesling which recently won a Lt Governor Generals award. Our last wine is the Integrity Frizzante, a Proseco styled sparkling wine. Let’s meet Stefanie and start the tasting.

Yolanta and Stefanie have set up a lovely tasting for me at 8th Generation Vineyard

Beautiful picnic area set up at 8th Generation Vineyard

I’m in love with the Integrity Frizzante and I even left with a bottle, beware though it sells out every year so If you want one you better make it to the wine shop early in the season. They are just bottling the newest batch of Integrity as this post is published!

Quick List:

  1. Are wine tasting free? A $4 tasting fee is charged but if you purchase wine the fee is waived.
  2. Can you eat on site? absolutely, but you must bring your own picnic
  3. Where can I buy these wines? Certainly at the Wine Shop itself, here to find a retailer and of course online.
  4. Are they have a Facebook and Twitter? Yes you can follow them on Twitter but they aren’t on Facebook yet.

One of the reasons I love to visit wineries is the people you meet there and the story I will always have in my mind every time I taste their wine. I’ve definitely become a fan of 8th Generation and every time I drink one of their Rieslings or other great wines I will remember this visit. It was my first visit but it certainly won’t be my last. Make it one of the wineries you stop at on your next wine tour of the Okanagan.

the Schales Family portarists, 8th & 9th Generations

Thanks to the Wines Of BC for their assistance in helping to plan and organize this adventure. Start planning your next trip to BC wine country to discover the beauty and diversity of the Wines of British Columbia. There’s excellent resources with information on the province’s wine regions and what grows there. After visiting, relive your experience by picking up a bottle (or a case) at a BC VQA Wine Store.

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