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Wildlife Spotting In Tofino With Long Beach Lodge Resort

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Wildlife spotting is easy to do in Tofino. Clayoquot Sound is as undisturbed as you can get without completely removing humans from the equation. Eagles, Otters, Sea Lions, Bears, Deer, Wolves, Orcas and Grey Whales all call Clayoquot Sound home at some time of the year. My second visit to Tofino is timed to coincide with the Grey Whales as they make their way from their Winter home in Mexico to their Summer home in the Arctic. Tofino is smack dab in the middle of the migration, and hopefully, I will get to spot some of these magnificent creatures during my Marine Adventure with Captain Josh from Long Beach Lodge Resort.

Scammon Lagoon grey whale photo by Bill & Dot Bell Photographs

As a guest of Long Beach Lodge Resort, you have access to a surfers beach, private surf club, great restaurant and your own twelve person Marine Adventure that departs twice a day. With Naturalist Captain Josh Lewis at the helm, each 2.5-hour excursion is more than just an opportunity for wildlife spotting; it is a chance to learn about the area, its history and significance.

Boarding Long Beach Lodge Resorts Marine Adventure boat

Different from other boats and tours this one has a heated cabin and a bathroom on board, comfort and safety are both equal. As Captain Josh pulls out from the dock, we are treated to our first wildlife spotting encounter. A Bald Eagle hunts right in front of our eyes.

Eagle spotting outside the harbour in Tofino

To the naked eye, it was mesmerizing to watch as the Eagle circled its prey and then swooped in to grab it with its talons. Another guest on the boat had a better lense and caught it in all its glory. Thanks to Alex G for letting me use this photo.Eagle takes off with dinner Photo by Alex G of Long Beach Lodge

I have gone wildlife spotting before so I am well aware that Whale sightings are not guaranteed unless of course there is an earlier sighting. I’m just thrilled to be out on the water on a sunny day with little wind to whip up the waves. It makes for some glorious landscape shots.

On the inside passage wildlife spotting in Clayoquot Sound

Captain Josh takes us on a tour through some of the remote Inlets and Waterways of the Sound.

On the water with Captain Josh

Some of the inslets we search for wildlife in Clayoquot Sound

It is one beautiful vista after another. In total, I think we spot four pairs of mating Bald Eagles. Most sitting high in the tree tops observing the water below for lunch.

A mating pair of Bal Eagles

No Whale or Sea Lion spotting today yet I don’t consider the trip a failure at all. In fact, it was a complete and utter success. Just look at the smiles on our faces. We were able to access parts of Clayoquot Sound that you can only see by boat or plane

Selfie on the water with Long Beach Lodge Marine Adventures

Tariq on the water with Long Beach Lodge

It was finally time for us to return to Tofino but not before we went past one of the remote First Nations villages. Their home for over 5000 years and hopefully another 5000 to come.

First Nations Village opposite Tofino in Clayoquot Sound

Each trip out onto the water with Captain Josh is different and unique. As a guest of Long Beach Lodge Resort, this adventure is just for you and it is only $89 per person. Whether you choose the 9am or the 1pm departure, you are guaranteed one thing, a good time.

3 Islands in shadow in Clayoquot Sound

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Disclosure: General

My participation on this trip was hosted by Long Beach Lodge Resort as part of the support for this series arranged by Tourism Tofino. My opinions and views are 100% my own. This post was not see prior to publishing

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