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A Weekend Escape At Toronto West KOA, Camping Without The Gear

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Are you a camper? Did you grow up packing your food into a cooler, loading the car up with tents, sleeping bags, tarps, and all manner of camping pots and pans? I did and they are some of the happiest memories of my childhood. It costs a lot of money to camp right and as an adult, I no longer have all the right gear. My family amassed quite an inventory over many summers but that is not available to me here in Ontario. If I want a weekend escape camping then I have two choices. One is to go out and buy everything or I can look for a campground that offers a cabin. The second option makes the most sense at the moment and I’ve found a campsite within one hour from Toronto that is a perfect fit for my summer weekend escape. I’m going glamping in Campbellville at the Toronto West KOA.

My cabin at the Toronto West KOA Campground

Door to door the drive from my place in Leslieville to Toronto West KOA is 1 hour. West of Milton and surrounded by conservation areas it is a great location to get away from it all. Let my weekend escape from the city begin!

2018 Chevrolet Equinox

All packed up for my weekend escape

I arrive at the office with a grocery bag of goodies, a bag filled with clothes and an attitude of adventure. Part of me wants to chill and relax while another part of me wants to get out and do some hiking along the Niagara Escarpment, especially Rattlesnake Point and Crawford Lake. I have a feeling I will do a bit of both this weekend.

Peaking over the cliff at the Niagara Escarpment

Pulling into the KOA site the registration building is the first thing I see past the security gates. I pop inside to do the paperwork and confirm which cabin is mine. I also discover that they have a small store there so if I have forgotten anything I don’t have to run into town to grab it. Best of all is that the prices aren’t marked up. A dozen eggs costs the same as if I was picking them up from my usual grocery store. They also have snacks, games, books and other “stuff” that will keep kids and adults entertained if they need it.

KOA Campground Burlington registration and mini store

Inside the Toronto West KOA store

Once the paperwork is done I’m given my key and told to follow in my car as one of the staff will show me to my cabin. They do this with everyone and it also includes a stack of wood for my first fire.

I'm being shown to my cabin at the Toronto West KOA

I am in Cabin #87.

Home sweet home for my weekend escape

My cabin at the Toronto West KOA Campground

This is a two bedroom deluxe cabin called Chilliwack.

Toronto West KOA Deluxe Chilliwack Cabin

Here’s a tour.

Pretty sweet isn’t it. As you can see you really don’t need to bring anything except for clothes and some food. Morning coffee, check! BBQ hot dogs and beans, check! Perfect weekend escape camping meals. There may or may not be Bailey’s in that coffee.

Morning coffee while camping

Throwing a few dogs on the grill

Hot dogs and Beans, a campfire meal

As planned throughout the day I explored. A hike, a drive into Burlington and I even discovered a Cidery that I went for a tasting at. The best part though was coming back at the end of the day, building a fire and just chillaxing. Is there anything better than the sound and smell of a roaring fire. I am in my happy place.

A fire to enjoy while I relax

Let me recap, you don’t need a single thing if you want the camping experience at Toronto West KOA. Book a cabin, pack some clothes and hit the road. Everything else is taken care of by the team here. If you have kids they will love it here as there is a campground, activities and a pool. None of which I wanted to be near but a great option if you have little ones.



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Disclosure: General

Thanks to Toronto West KOA for hosting this weekend escape and to Chevrolet Canada for supplying me with a 2018 Equinox to get around with. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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