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Travel Tech Gadgets and Apps I Can’t Live Without

Whether you live out of a suitcase or want to maximize the fun on your vacation travel tech can make a world of difference. Gone are the days when you need to line up at airports just to check in. Now you check into your flight 24 hours in advance from the comfort of home. That is not all that’s changed in the world of travel gadgets though. Over the past few months I’ve been testing out some products that I know will make my travelling stress free and here are the ones I’ve fallen in love with.

Travel tech & gadget I love

Travel Charging Station

The Rapidx MyDesktop Wireless Charging Stand with 3 USB and 2 power outlets has changed my life BIG TIME. No longer will I have my phone plugged in at one outlet, my e-reader at another, and my laptop charging up at a third one. God forbid I want to charge a tablet or Bluetooth speaker as well.

In this one tiny device, I can wirelessly charge my iPhone and up to 5 other devices. Best of all I only need to source one outlet in my hotel room and the MyDesktop Wireless Charging Stand is also a surge protector.

It weighs in at just over 1 pound and the size is approx 3 square inches so it will fit into my carryon with no trouble. If I’m really tight for space I’ll pack the Rapidx X4 Home super compact 4-Port Charge which includes 3 USB ports and 1 Type-C port PD all in the compact size of an electric toothbrush. Cost: MyDesktop Wireless Charging Stand $59.99 on – X4 Home $49.99 on

Streaming Movies, TV and More

The cord has been cut! For only $44.99 the Roku Express connects any TV through WiFi to all of your streaming services in one place. No longer will I check into a hotel and surf Netflix on my laptop straining my neck and my eyes. All I have to do is connect the small Roku Express to the TV via an included HDMI cable and USB charging cable. Once on I’ll connect to the hotel WiFi using the Hotel & Dorm Connect option and just like that all my connected streaming services are available (country streaming restrictions apply).

Roku Express with Remote IV

Roku Express with Remote IV

What streaming services am I using? Of course, I’ve connected my Netflix, Acorn TV and YouTube channels to my free Roku account but there is lots more to explore. My favourite streaming service find has been Hoopla a free streaming service offered by your local library. I created my account using my Toronto Library card and now I can borrow movies, music, audiobooks, ebooks, comics and TV shows that are part of the library’s collection.

Hoopla Digital streaming service from your public library

Cost of the Roku Express is $44.88 on

Staying Hydrated

There is nothing new about reusable water bottles however I am constantly losing mine. Not so for the past 2 months with my Copper H20 water bottle. Its distinctive hammered copper finish is equally beautiful as it is practical. Being on the road it is hard to wash your bottles every day. Copper is naturally antibacterial so it doesn’t need the daily washing other materials would need.

Aside from being beautiful and cutting down on my own germs, the Copper H20 bottle is extremely light so when it is full or empty it doesn’t add much weight to my backpack.

There are some possible benefits to the Copper H20 bottles as well including a natural way to make your water alkaline. Each night before bed I make sure the bottle is filled and by the time I wake up I have perfectly alkaline water for my first drink of the day.

I’m not making any claims here about the health benefits of the Copper H20 water bottle. If it has a positive benefit on my health, great. What I love about it is that its distinctive appearance makes it easy for me to spot when packing so I’ve not lost it and by always keeping it filled I’ve found I am drinking lots more water which is a very good thing. Cost:$46.48 directly from their website.

Copper H20 water bottle

Copper H20 water bottle

Stretching It Out

I’m getting older and my body does not bounce back after a full days activities as it once did. Whether I am at home or on the road I can’t live without a tennis ball or a golf ball in my bag.

Tennis and golf balls are the perfect tools for working on the kinks on the road

Tennis and golf balls are the perfect tools for working on the kinks on the road

The golf ball I use at least every morning on my feet. Place it on the ground and put your foot over it. Apply pressure and roll the ball under your arches. OMG, it hurts but what a difference it makes in reducing leg fatigue. If my day includes a 10,000 or 15,000 step adventure you can bet I do it again back in my hotel room.

As for the tennis ball I use it for my neck, shoulders, and lower back. Place the tennis ball on a wall and lean against it. Then roll it. It feels like a deep tissue massage and is perfect for working out those kinks I often get from hotel pillows that are too soft.

If you don’t golf or play tennis head to your nearest sports store and pick up the cheapest ones you can find. Brand names don’t make any difference here.

Food Photography

Quick don’t take a bite until I get the perfect shot. That’s me at almost every meal when I’m out travelling with my friends. For those that want to share mouth-watering photos of their meals on Instagram, the perfect APP to use is called Foodie. It is the camera app for the foodies in your life, and that means me.

Foodie Camera App for food lovers

Foodie smartphone camera App for food lovers

I love it because when I’m in the app I can play with a whole ton of filters before I take the shot and if I’m looking to take an overhead shot it tells me when my phone is level so I’ll get the perfect shot every time. This shot below was taken using the Foodie app from a recent trip to Winnipeg.

A brunch feast from Clementine Cafe in Winnipeg

A brunch feast from Clementine Cafe in Winnipeg

Bets of all the Foodie app is FREE!

These are just a few of the travel tech gadgets and apps I am travelling with these days. To check out some of my previous reviews check out the following:

Swiss Gear Backpack posing in Dundas Square

Swiss Gear Backpack posing in Dundas Square



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