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Why a Travel Credit Card Can Help You Go Further

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When it comes to travel, you probably already know all the tricks. Booking early on long-haul flights, booking last minute to get great hotel room rates, and knowing when the sale seasons are and when the peak times are to avoid. On top of that, whether you choose to fly with AA, Air Canada, or anyone else, you already probably make sure you collect as many frequent flyer points as you possibly can in order to get the most from your travel. Heck, you might already be such an expert that you book your hotel and car hire through the same site just to get the points! What you might not be so clued up on, though, is the world of travel credit cards.

I Already Book Using My Credit Card Though?

You’re already probably thinking that it makes sense to book early using a credit card to secure the payment and help you reclaim your money back if the trip ends up being ruined by your supplier, but what you’re probably not thinking about are the potential rewards you can earn by using the correct credit card for your bookings. Indeed, travel credit cards can be used to cover a range of vital services, including hotels, premium travel, and even insurance.

C-GHLQ Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767-333(ER) - cn 30846 / 832
“C-GHLQ Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767-333(ER) – cn 30846 / 832” by Tomás Del Coro (CC BY-SA 2.0)

What this could mean is that the next time you’re thinking of the next escape away from the joys of the lovely Canadian winter, or perhaps your next opportunity to head somewhere to fully embrace winter wonderlands in Canada, you can do so in a way that sees you rewarded every step of the way, with the added bonus that you are protected by your credit card protection. Of course, you can also benefit from the ability to pay it off at the end of the month rather than having to worry about your here and now bank balance and transferring money from one account to another. With the bonus of getting rewarded, there really is no reason not to get excited about this!

A Global Phenomenon

While this might sound great when it comes to finding your favourite local hotels or your top choice of Starwood accommodation, the truth is that this is a global aid, and can truly help you, from Ankara to the Zulu speaking parts of South Africa. This can be through companies like Capital One, who offer an IHG credit card or the use of the American Express Gold Rewards Card, which offers a range of great benefits to travellers and means you don’t just have to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to where you want to visit.

American Express Advertising Cards
“American Express Advertising Cards” by  (CC BY 2.0)

Indeed, cards like the American Express Gold Rewards Card also help you to move points from one account to another but as they are designed with globetrotters in mind also tend to come with a range of handy perks, like additional travel insurance cover to supplement your travel insurance.

With a lot to gain and very little to lose, the fact is that travel credit cards are a really easy way to make sure that you not only keep yourself protected when you book holidays but also get rewarded for doing so as well. The key thing to do is just to make sure you pick the best travel credit card for you!

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