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Air Canada Flight 1958 Toronto to Porto Launches And It’s Wonderful

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Air Canada Rouge Direct Flights from Toronto to Porto

Travelling to Portugal just got easier thanks to the Air Canada’s latest direct flight out of Toronto’s Pearson airport. Flight 1958 from Toronto to Porto on Air Canada Rouge takes approximately seven hours vs the much longer 12+ hours of previous flights. Flying out of Pearson at 10:50 pm flight 1958 arrives at 10:50 am, the perfect time to enjoy an espresso at one of the local cafes and a Francesinha, Porto’s famous sandwich. I am fortunate to be on the inaugural flight from Toronto to Porto as a guest of Air Canada and can’t wait to check Portugal off my European Countries visited list. In the next few days I will share my adventures with you, but for now, I’ll share some details on flight 1958.

Porto, Portugal

One of the first things I noticed when booking the flights was the dramatic price decrease a direct flight would cost vs the former routes. Before an economy flight would cost in excess of $2000 and you would be routed through Frankfurt or one of the other European airport hubs. Now with direct Toronto to Porto flight 1958 a one-way ticket ranges from just under $500 for an economy seat to around $2800 if you select Premium Rouge. Premium Rouge for me, please.

Air Canada from Toronto to Porto, Portugal

You may not always be able to fly Premium Rouge class, but if you can I feel it is certainly worth it. The extra legroom, a wider seat and complimentary perks like bottled water at your seat are all part of the service.

Premium Rouge seats on Air Canada Rouge Toronto to Porto AC 1958

Before the plane even takes off our attendant asks for our dinner choice. Which would you choose? Chicken Piri Piri or Beef Tenderloin? For me, it is the Beef as I expect I will be sampling plenty of Piri Piri while I am in Portugal. I do appreciate knowing that we will be given a light snack before we land. While the flight is only approximately 7 hours with the time zone change of +5 hours we will be landing after breakfast and just before lunch. This snack will tide me over until I clear customs and can visit a cafe or lunch spot.

Menu selection available on AC 1958 Toronto to Porto flight Premium Rouge class

Dinner is served. Complete with tray, real flatware and complimentary drinks. A lovely red wine for me, please.

Dinner is served at Premium Rouge with Air Canada Rouge

The plane has taken off, the Captain has turned off the seat belts sign and we are now free to exit our seat if the need arises. Our service attendant comes around with complimentary iPads for our use. These are in lieu of the built-in entertainment screens you are familiar with seeing on most flights.

Air Canada Rouge flights do not have built-in screens. Instead, you can access all the entertainment options directly from the Air Canada APP on your smartphone and tablet. Don’t worry about running out of battery life as there are outlets to keep your devices fully charged while you are flying.

Complimentary iPads for Premium Rouge class service

Even though I have the APP installed on my phone I am happy to use the complimentary iPad provided as part of the perks of flying Premium Rouge. You can rent an iPad if you don’t have one when you fly economy. Another perk of the iPad is it comes preloaded with extra movies and shows not available on the streaming service. It’s a bonus.

All that is left for me to do now is relax and enjoy the flight.

Ding … this is your Captain speaking, we are nearing our descent to Porto …

We have arrived. Now it is time to pick up our bags, clear customs and begin the adventure. No bags for me as I travel light and only travel with carry-on luggage. Straight to customs which is an absolute breeze. No papers to pre-fill out, almost no queue and I am through.

Arrived in Porto, Portugal

Welcome to Porto!

As the second largest city in Portugal, there is a world of adventure at hand. Amazing dining with some of the freshest seafood you will ever eat, wine tours that will take you into one of the worlds oldest wine demarcated regions, the Douro (1756) and Port, Port and more Port.

I hope you take advantage of Air Canada’s flight 1958, Toronto to Porto direct. Portugal is an amazing country to explore and now that Porto is a direct flight option you can start in the North and work your way south to Lisbon and the Algarve. I hope you wore your stretchy pants because the food in Portugal is AMAZING.

You may end up eating your weight in Pastel de Nata. I did.

An Espresso and Pastel de Nata in Portugal

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Disclosure: General

I was invited by Air Canada to fly the inaugural flight on Air Canada Rouge to Porto Portugal. The remaining trip was supported by Air Canada Vacations and Visit Portugal. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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