The Most Fun Online Slots about Canada


Looking at Canada, there are individual characteristics of the country that make it stand out amongst the rest. Whether it is fishing, the cold weather, the ice hockey craze or Ryan Reynolds making us laugh with his tweets and movies, Canada is unique to its very core, and that is why it remains such an adorable destination for travelers.

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in Canada, even though it welcomes people with open arms and is quite liberal when it comes to global issues such as marijuana use and online gambling. However, there are ways one can feel closer to Canada.

You can be someone thousands of miles away dreaming about Canada or a citizen out and about and feeling homesick, sometimes the best way to occupy your mind is playing slots. Slots online Canada is a great chance to check out the leading online casinos and pick up on the latest as well as trending releases. We took the time to compile three of the most amazing online slots that will not only help you make some cash on the side but also keep your Canadian spirits high and mighty.

Green Lantern

While the gambling world awaits a Deadpool online slot, we still have Green Lantern, the Ryan Reynold’s starring superhero film that received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Even though our Canadian superstar does joke around about the movie now, the slot is an exciting, yet straightforward, 5-reel game with 243 ways to win. In terms of looks, the game exceeds expectations with some nifty graphics and fresh sounds. There are several ways players can walk away with good returns, especially the collapsing feature that allows for new symbols to pop up after the winning ones disappear.     


As a relatively new game in the market, Breakaway has the advantage of being superior in terms of graphics and playability. There are 243 ways to win in this online slot about ice hockey, with 5 reels and lots of gaming action to keep you entertained. There are a bunch of wild symbols that pop up, and if you get players with different jerseys in a line, then a unique feature comes into play. Online slots are a great way to spend time, especially if you are looking for entertainment when stuck at an airport, but Breakaway adds that little bit more that brings out the sports fan in all of us. More importantly, ice hockey and Canada are synonymous and to fully get into the Canadian spirit, you have got to experience the game or its online slot.     

Icy Wonders

We adore Ice Wonders for its cute as kitten symbols and that cold feeling that we love to hate about Canadian weather. Based on the theme of ice, the online slot has symbols like a bear holding a fish, a penguin, and igloos. The game has 5 reels with 30-win lines. The important thing though is that Icy Wonders is a progressive online slot, which means that players have the chance of winning a big jackpot. What’s even more surprising is that the game links to not one, but two jackpot pools. So bundle up and spin away to glorious wins that will take you through the Canadian landscape, a reminder of all things that make Canada such an enjoyable part of this planet.   

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