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Where To Stay In Portland, The Heathman Hotel Where Service Is An Art

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My Portland adventures are nearing an end but not before I check out one more hotel, and this one is famous. Of course I am speaking about the Heathman Hotel, or as many of you know it the backdrop for some of the sexy adventures in 50 Shades of Grey. Now I’ve not read the book and it’s certainly not the reason I want to stay at the Heathman but it’s kind of fun knowing that my “home away from home” is the location for many fantasies. The real reason I want to stay at the Heathman is because of it’s reputation, 30 years of having the AAA Four Diamond Award, a 4 star rating from Forbes Travel Guide and named one of the “World’s best places to stay” by Conde Naste Traveler. If it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for 30 Days In Portland.

Pulling up in GMC Terrain

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Located at 1001 SW Broadway the Heathman is in the heart of the city. Steps away from Pioneer Square and right beside the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall which featured Diana Krall while I was in town. When I arrived in my GMC AWD Terrain and pulled up to Valet I knew I was in for a great stay, the doorman is dressed in a traditional Beefeater uniform.

Diana Krall performing live in Portland


With the car all taken care of it’s time to check in, straight to registration I go. As luck would have it the lovely clerk that checks me in is the same who emailed me to confirm my reservation. Along with confirming my room and date,s Dre asked me if I had a preference in bed mattress and offered me a choice of Tempur Pedic, European Pillow Top or a Feather Bed. I’ll take the Tempur Pedic please. Dre even helps me up to my room as I’m far too overloaded with luggage and shopping bags to carry them all.

Stepping inside my room I notice I have a foyer, my photo does not do this foyer justice but I couldn’t get the lighting right. I feel like I’m at home with a place to put my keys, shoes and umbrellas all tucked out of sight from the rest of the room. Stepping through the foyer I’m wowed. My room consists of a sitting room with a work desk, a large and comfy couch and a cabinet that hides the flat screen TV.

Foyer of my room at the Heathman

sitting room in my suite at the Heathman Hotel

view of the sitting room at the Heathman Hotel

Turning to my right in the sitting room I see my bedroom. A massive King bed that was indeed a Tempur Pedic as I’d requested. Off to the side of the bedroom is the washroom and closet. Separated into 3 sections, a walk in closet, a sink and counter and finally a water closet with it’s own sink and bath tub. This is luxury the likes of which I don’t enjoy at home.

Heathman Hotel bedroom

1 part of the washroom at the Heathman Hotel

separate water closet at the Heathman

Everything about the Heathman is about luxury, style and comfort. A little extra effort goes a long way to creating a great experience in my opinion and I think morning coffee at the Heathman shows that effort off to a tee. Instead of offering the newly in Vogue single cup brewers the Heathman offers you a great selection of tea and coffee from Portland Roasters plus you can make it in your own French Press. I prefer Americanos to drip coffee but damn a good French Press will do any day.

In room coffee service at teh Heathmon

Selections of tea and coffee

For almost my entire time in Portland I ate out every night however towards the end I was starting to fatigue and after the amazing Brewvana Tour I just didn’t have it in me to go out for dinner so I opted for room service. Another fantastic experience and a meal quality I did not expect to get from in room dining. I enjoyed Pork Tenderloin with wild mushrooms, and creamy polenta but to start off the meal I couldn’t resist a bowl of their French Onion Soup. Seriously one of the best room service meals I’ve ever had and all in this luxurious room.

In room dining at the Heathman Hotel

Pork Tenderloin with wild mushrooms, and creamy polenta

French Onion Soup at the Heathman Hotel

I’m being spoilt and getting back to reality will be a shock to the system I’m afraid. There is lots to explore at the Heathman and I suggest you take a moment or two to check out all the nooks and crannies. They have a mezzanine and a library over looking the lobby along with a great bar and restaurant. I tried to sneak some peeks myself but they were filled with people enjoying intimate conversations, perhaps a little 50 Shades of Grey flirtation, so I chose not to snap photos and ruin their moments. Trust me when I say the hotel is gorgeous and exudes old world charm with new world conveniences but best of all it has first class service with a smile.

Lobby of the Heathman Hotel

I’ll be back to the Heathman on my next visit to Portland but this time I hope I have a plus one with me Smile

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