What do King Cake, beads & good times have in common? Mardis Gras in Lake Charles, Louisiana, next trip!

30 Days Series

30 Best Patios

Patio at Bridges RestaurantThere is no better time to be in Vancouver than in the summer sitting on a patio sipping your favourite beverage and eating some great food, all while enjoying a spectacular view. In this series I explore 30 of the best patios in the entire Greater Vancouver Region. It’s subjective of course but I think you’ll be surprised by some of the gems I’ve uncovered. Read this series »

30 Days in Portland

Travel-Portland.jpgPortland Oregon, home of Craft Beers, Food Trucks, Voodoo Doughnuts and tax free shopping is a favourite weekend get away for Pacific Northwesterners. Over 30 posts I will explore Where to Stay, Where to Eat and What to Do in this fantastic city. Portland is also the inspiration for the TV series Portlandia so you never know I may have to find out the name of the chicken and what farm it was raised on before I eat my food…  Read this series »

30 Days in Hawaii

HulaOfHawaii03220_thumb.jpgThe Aloha State, Hawaii, has 137 Islands and I visit 4 of them – Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. Over the course of 30 posts I’ll explore the beauty and majesty of these islands from the Sea to the Top of a Volcano. I’ll share some of the beautiful places I stay at, eat at and adventure in. If you’ve never been to Hawaii before consider this adventure a Coles Notes version of the Islands, where to stay, eat and play. Mahalo. Read this series »

30 Days to a Better Me

View More: //threesixtyphoto.pass.us/20130417marcsmithportraitsI had a great 2013 and every moment was special and an opportunity to learn, I couldn’t imagine changing anything from last year. Thinking about writing a recap post got the wheels turning for me though and instead I’ve decided to create this series about what I dream 2014 will have in store for me and how I’m going to make them happen. To hell with looking back let’s look forward.
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Holiday Gift Guide

If Holiday Shopping stresses you out then all your problems are solved. Follow along with Steven Schelling and Marc Smith as we share 30 of our favourite gifts to give over the holiday season. Gifts for the Man, Woman, Party Host, Pets and Foodies start off the series. The next episodes cover the Home, Kitchen, Traveller, Charity and our absolutely favourites! Gift giving made easy no matter where you live as almost everything can be purchased online! Happy Holidays. Read this series »

30 Days of Kindness

30 Days of Kindness SeriesWhat’s in a smile? An awful lot I discover as I’m joined by 30 amazing people/organizations spreading smiles throughout Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo. Each weekday a different and unique act of kindness is performed and I’m there to witness and share it with you. Some as small as a “love note” left on a mailbox for a stranger to find and others as large as buying lunch for all the patrons in a restaurant. Can kindness be addictive? Yes. Read this series »

Ethnic Eats

EthnicEatsEthnic is anything you did not grow up eating everyday of your childhood. For someone raised in an Indian household then Hamburgers would be considered ethnic cuisine. Over 6 weeks I explore the diversity of Ethnic Eats in Vancouver with some of my friends. You may know them from TV, Radio or from their respective blogs. Challenge yourself to try something new once a month. Here you’ll find at least 30 options to choose from. Read this series »

Days of Summer

the Pool at Rownea's InnOur childhoods are awash with memories of summer vacations. The lake, hikes up the mountain and camping. These are some of the happiest times and memories of my life. It’s time to recapture that spirit and in 30 Days Of Summer I hope I do. Summer get aways from Abbotsford to Boise, Idaho and places in between. Be a kid again and escape even if it’s just for a few days. Read this series »

Ottawa and the 1000 Islands

Justin-Leaves-the-press-conference.jpgOttawa is a city rich in history, culture and it also happens to be the capital of Canada. If you’ve never been before then here’s your chance to experience not only Ottawa but the 1000 Islands which is only 2 hours southwest of Ottawa. Spend 30 Days with me as I explore the city and region. I expose some of the hidden gems that only the locals know about as well as some of the must see tourist attractions. Read this series »

Small Businesses You Should Know

Gin-and-Vodka_thumb.jpgIn an era of big box retailers and the hunt for the cheapest deal there are some amazing small businesses serving us with a smile and offering up a unique products and services. I am highlighting just some of the small businesses that make our community great. These are 30 Small Businesses you should support. Read this series »

People You Should Know

Jeremy-Lim-Someone-You-Should-Know_thumb.jpgAround us there are amazing people doing amazing things everyday. In this series I try to shine a light on these every day “heroes” and share a bit of what I think makes them amazing and why you should definitely get to know them. Whether they run a large company or in their free time they create music they all have something in common, they believe in themselves. These are 30 People You Should Know. Read this series »

New Years Resolutions

30 New Years Resolutions SeriesIt’s not the start of a new year without taking a look at our lives and hoping to do and be better. Over these 30 Days I challenge myself to look at my life, personal and professional it doesn’t matter. Some resolutions are achievable in one day and some will challenge me for the year to come. It’s all about the effort and the intention. Read this series »

30 Days of Food Trucks

30 Day Food Truck Series Did you even know there were over 30 food trucks in the city? Join me as I explore a different culinary experience over lunch from the comfort of the sidewalk. Special guests share each adventure and help me sample the tasty menus. If you aren’t inspired to get out and try a food truck after this you must be on a dust and water diet. Bon Appetite. Read this series »

30 Day Adventures

30 Day Adventures SeriesImagine a 30 day staycation in your own city. That’s what 30 Day Adventures is. For 30 Days in a row I experienced some of what makes Vancouver so spectacular a place to live and visit. Thanks to suggestions from YOU I experience a whole new side of the city that I have not seen before. If you need some ideas of different things to do or where to take your out of town guests this is a must read series. Read this series »