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Segway, Water Taxi & Sun Trolley, A Car Free Tour of Fort Lauderdale

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I come from a very walkable city and the last thing I want to do on my vacation is to spend my day driving from one attraction to another and then search for parking. In Fort Lauderdale, you can explore the city three ways without ever getting in your car. There is a Segway tour of Fort Lauderdale, a free Sun Trolley that can take you to the major areas of interest and a Water Taxi that will navigate the miles of intercoastal waterways. The best part is that every method gives you a unique perspective of the city known as the Venice of Florida. Being car free is not only good for the environment it is good for your vacation pocket book.

Hands Free on a Segway tour of Fort Lauderdale


First, let’s explore the city on a Segway. I’ve never been on one before so I am pretty excited to give it a try. I’m not sure about my balance but when I did my research I found out the tour includes a training session before we head out on the tour of Fort Lauderdale.

Training session before the Segway tour of Fort Lauderdale

Segway Fort Lauderdale is a two-hour adventure so plan accordingly. If you are a large group you may want to book a private session. Once we are all comfortable with the Segway we hit the streets. Our tour guide begins the tour along the riverwalk and never lets us out of his sight. It takes me a little bit to get the hang of the balance, but once I do it is as easy as pie!

Segway our way through Fort Lauderdale

Check out a short video of the tour. Along the way, we stop many times for our guide to share a bit of local knowledge and history of Fort Lauderdale with us.

Water Taxi

You can not come to Fort Lauderdale and not take a ride on the Water Taxi. From where I am staying at the Riverside Hotel on Las Olas it is a short walk to the riverwalk on New River where there are four stops for the Water Taxi. Look for the signs and board as soon as they arrive. You can pre-pay online or pay the guides on the boats.

Look for the Water Taxi sign

All aboard the Water Taxi in Fort Lauderdale

The Water Taxi network is quite extensive. You can take the taxi north to Hollywood, Florida or South along the famous Fort Lauderdale beaches. My route included a tour down the New River and then switching over to the Fort Lauderdale route which took me to Las Olas Beach. Along the way, you will see Yachts that you have only dreamed of being on and multimillion dollar homes where the Rich & Famous live. DYK that Miami Vice was filmed here? You may recognise the iconic house that was part of the TV series. It is on the tour.

One of the Yachts we cruise by on the Water Taxi

Water Taxi boarding in Fort Lauderdale

Sun Trolley

The only free option of this car-free tour of Fort Lauderdale is the Sun Trolley. Criss-crossing the city the Sun Trolley will take you to most of the areas of the city you will want to visit. Check out their website for the map routes because chances are you won’t need a car at all. Hitching a ride is as easy as waving your arm. If you see the Sun Trolley coming just wave your arms and it will stop and pick you up.

Fort Lauderdale Sun Trolley

One day I took the Water Taxi to Las Olas Beach and then took the Sun Trolley up Las Olas to the Riverside Hotel in time for Happy Hour. It was a good day and 100% car free!

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Thanks to Visit Florida and Fort Lauderdale for supporting this travel series and making it possible. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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