Road Trip Preparation, Five Things To Do Before You Take Off


Road trip! It is Friday afternoon and you’ve just shut down your computer. You are done for the week and what better way to celebrate than with a weekend road trip. You can camp, visit the family cabin, or head to another city and explore the sights, sounds, and wonders they have to offer. If you head to Portland may I suggest a beer tour or two? No matter where you go you should be prepared. While you can’t foresee every challenge ahead making sure you’ve done your road trip preparation in advance will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable adventure.

Watch my appearance on Breakfast Television Vancouver for five things to do before you embark on your Summer road trip. Click on the image to watch the clip below.

Road Trip Preparations 5 things to do before you go.

In short, here they are:

  1. Pack a roadside emergency kit for your car – include a blanket, roadside flares, flashlight, tire pressure gauge etc…
  2. Sign up for Roam Like Home with Rogers on your Share EverythingTM plan. Coverage is $5 per day up to 10 days per billing cycle in the USA.
  3. Screen capture or print out driving instructions to more remote locations while you are in areas with good coverage. This could save a marriage or a friendship.
  4. Ensure your BCAA/CAA membership is up to date and you have the relevant contact details handy
  5. Check to make sure you have travel insurance and what it covers. Most work benefit plans have some coverage. As well you can purchase it from an Insurance Agent, Banks, Travel Agents, etc…

In short, be prepared. An ounce of road trip preparation is worth a pound of cure.

Happy road trips!

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I am an Ambassador for Rogers Wireless and the Roam Like Home service.

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