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Relax And Rejuvenate At The Spa At Black Rock

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Relaxation is one of the reasons I love to come to Hawaii. Whether it is snorkeling along coral reefs with Sea Turtles or soaking up the sun on Kaanapali Beach, every moment of my time in Maui is about relaxing and destressing. It’s easy for me to shut off my mind and “be” in the moment, of course, a Mai Tai helps that along very nicely thank you, but it isn’t so easy for my body to do the same. In fact, with all this relaxing I’ve been doing I am starting to feel the aches and pains of my busy life creep up on me. I need some help in the form of some spa time, and The Spa at Black Rock looks like the perfect place to help me achieve nirvana. Calgon take me away!

The Spa at Black Rock

The Spa At Black Rock is located within the grounds of the Sheraton Maui in the Kaanapali Beach Resort community. I’m currently staying at the hotel, but you don’t need to be to visit the spa and use their services. Even walking to the spa is relaxing.

The manicured lawn at the Sheraton Maui

I’ve signed myself up for an 80 minute Eleu Arnica Therapeutic Massage; we are talking deep tissue sports therapy. I could probably use an entire day of someone working on my aching muscles, but 80-minutes is what I am getting. When I arrive for my appointment, I am handed out the standard form to fill out as a first-time visitor then I am shown to the waiting area where I can hydrate with tea or water.

Waiting and relaxing lounge at The Spa At Black Rock

Refreshment station with plenty of water and tea to hydrate with

After just a few minutes, I was shown into the massage room by my therapist. I am so ready for this. I undress, get under the towel and endure 80-minutes of stretching, needing and releasing of aching tired muscles.

My massage treatment room at The Spa At Black Rock

Bloody hell I feel like I can float afterwards. Never has 80-minutes been so relaxing and needed. This is me before and after my massage.

Before the massage

After the massage

See how much more relaxed and glowing I am. All through dinner at the Black Rock Kitchen later that evening I was floating. In fact, I went to bed shortly after enjoying a Black Rocktoberfest feast. It could have been the Ohia Smash cocktail; the Apple Cider Brined Pork Chop or the Black Forest Cake. No, I’m pretty sure it was the 80-minute massage that undid about two months worth of planes, trains and automobile travel.

Ohia Smash cocktail from Black Rock Kitchen

Apple Cider Brined Pork Chop

Black Forest Cake

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Disclosure: Review

I was hosted and provided a complimentary treatment from The Spa at Black Rock as part of a press fam trip I was on hosted by the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau. My opinions, post are 100% my own and this post was not seen prior to publishing.

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