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Redeeming Aeroplan Miles For The Trip Of A Lifetime

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Travel as much as I do and the WOW factor of many destinations start to lose their shine. That’s what you’d think but it isn’t true, for me at least. I can honestly say that I am as excited about hopping on a plane or jumping in a car for a road trip than I was five years again when this adventure began. Life is one big adventure so how could I possibly get bored? At a recent coffee with my friends at Aeroplan, I was asked if there were any Canadian cities I haven’t been to yet that I wanted to visit? Of course, my answer was lots! They surprised me with a redeeming Aeroplan miles gift of 25,000. I could pick any city in Canada and use these miles to cover the cost of the plane ticket on Air Canada. Woot woot, where should I go? The country is my oyster, I have some thinking to do.

Flying over the clouds thanks to redeeming Aeroplan points

How do I pick a city in Canada to visit that I’ve never been to before? Ask my friends on Facebook. The only caveat is that the cities can’t be Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver as those are places I’ve been to many times already.

Ask a question on Facebook

The response was overwhelming. Whitehorse, St John’s and Winnipeg were the top three cities and I couldn’t agree more. Which one should I pick to visit? The winner is Whitehorse and the Yukon! Now all I need to do is log into my Aeroplan account enter some travel dates and purchase the ticket by redeeming Aeroplan miles. Believe it or not, I was unsuccessful on my first attempt for the dates I wanted. Patience paid off though. I went back the next day and sure enough, the dates I wanted were available, PURCHASE!

Aeroplan travel booking screenshot

As you can see by redeeming 25,000 Aeroplan miles I only have to pay $144.53 to cover the taxes, fees and surcharges. Not bad for a flight from one end of the country to the other.

Aeroplan redemption screenshot

Now all that is left for me to do is wait for the trip to begin. If you’ve never been to the Yukon, you are in for a surprise. It has the same land mass as California but has just 0.01% of the population. It will be me, 38,000 people and a whole lot of nature. Here’s a teaser of just three things I got up to. Flew over a glacier and landed on a 700-metre deep ice field, white water rafted the Tatsheshini River and went trail riding in the mountains over Whitehorse. EPIC!

Jumping for joy on an ice field in the Yukon

White water rafting on the Tatshenshini River Yukon

Horseback riding in the mountains around Whitehorse Yukon

25,000 Aeroplan miles may seem like a lot but here are three easy ways to rack up your miles. I’ve earned 24,363 since January 1st already.

Fly Air Canada – this is an easy and obvious way to earn Aeroplan miles. Don’t worry about the news that Air Canada is launching their own miles program in 2020. That is three years away and closer to that time I am sure plenty of great options for redeeming Aeroplan miles will be made available.

ready to fly air canada

Shop with your TD Aeroplan Visa – This accounts for almost half of my miles accumulation. I pay for everything on my credit card and pay it off each month. I get Aeroplan miles and a backup record of all my transactions plus valuable travel and theft insurance protections. When I am on a road trip in Canada I always fill up at an Esso Station and get double the miles when I insert my Aeroplan card + pay with my TD Aeroplan Visa. Win Win.

Shopping with my TD Aeroplan Visa

APP Carrot Rewards – I downloaded and installed this App on April 3, 2017, and to date, I have earned 953 Aeroplan miles. This healthy lifestyle App helps to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices. When I signed up for free I chose to collect Aeroplan miles and every week I get reward miles for hitting my step count and taking part in healthy lifestyle surveys. It is free and so easy. NOTE: Use promo code marcs6942 when you sign up and you’ll get bonus sign up miles.

Carrot Rewards App screenshot

Over the past couple of years I’ve built up a healthy Aeroplan account balance and three times now redeeming Aeroplan miles has been the best option for me. I redeemed miles to fly to England so I could visit family and attend the Social Travel Summit in Inverness, Scotland where I was a guest speaker. I also redeemed Aeroplan miles at the end of last year for a 2017 Maple Leaf Lounge pass. I have used that pass so many times it has really come in handy, especially with a 6+ hour layover in YVR and a recent visit to San Diego. I was able to eat, drink and get some work done all in comfort.

Chilling in the United Lounge

Thanks Aeroplan for being part of one of the most magical trips I’ve ever taken. Stay tuned for some amazing stories of the trip and it all started with redeeming Aeroplan miles.

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Disclosure: General

Thanks to Aeroplan for the gift of miles and making this Yukon trip possible. My views and opinions are 100% my own.

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