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Picking, Chopping And Bringing Home Your Very Own Real Christmas Tree

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What do you do when good Toronto friends admit they have never had a real Christmas Tree before? You immediately start to research when you can find real Christmas Tree in Toronto. The tree of Christmas past has been a lovely fake tree, but this year it was time for it to be retired. The tree of Christmas present has to be perfect. If this is going to be their first ever real tree I need to make sure it is the best Christmas Tree ever! Eureka, I have friends in North Hamilton that have a Chistrams Tree farm. This isn’t some orderly row upon row of trees manicured and groomed for your living room. This is a rural 80-acre property where you can explore and “hunt” the property for your perfect tree. You pick, you chop and you take it home. This is going to be awesome.

Finding the perfect Christmas Tree

Now I don’t want my friends to have the average person experience of going to a store or parking lot to pick a pre-cut wrapped tree. No, I want my friends to pick their own and chop it down, old school style.

So where do we go? An hour and fifteen-minute drive West of Toronto is Mark’s Christmas Trees. It is situated on a rural 80+ acre property that is more conservation area than farm at 1233 Safari Road, Hamilton.

Mark's Real Christmas Tree

The experience here is very old school. All you need is a vehicle, a pair of sharp eyes to pick out your perfect tree and boots so you don’t get wet or cold. Everything else is on hand for you.

When we arrived the weather was a bit wet and grey out but our attitudes were bright and cheery. First stop is at the house to let them know we have arrived. Step 2 is to head to the barn to borrow one of the saws. Next, we walk towards the back of the property.

Saws for loan to cut down or real Christmas tree

80 acres is a lot of land to cover, but I am hoping we can spot something soon. We are looking for a tree about five to six feet tall. Nothing too big, but big enough to make an impact.

Time to explore the property

My friends five year old is completely in charge of picking the tree. We can point a few out but she is the final decider. This is the one. A White Spruce.

Finding the perfect Christmas Tree

Now it is up to her Dad to cut it and then we will walk it back to the barn for wrapping.

Kurt cutting down his first real Christmas Tree

Father and Daughter taking their tree back to the car

I always wondered how they wrapped Christmas Trees and now I know. You put the cut end into the drum and pull it through. The netting covers the tree and if you twist it at the end you can tie the end so it is all compact and ready for transport.

Kurt wraps the tree for perfect transport home

There is only one thing left to do and that is to put the tree up and for my friends to decorate it. I think it looks perfect!

The perfect real Christmas Tree

How much does the tree cost? This tree was $55 cash. They are open sun up to sun down on the weekends and by appointment weekdays. Make a day out of it and have fun.

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