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Product Review: The Ultimate Travel Backpack From Swiss Gear Getaway

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Travel light, travel smart. That is my motto. After 5+ years of travelling and adventuring for a living, I have come to the conclusion that most people don’t even wear 50% of what they pack while they are on vacation. We pack an outfit for every conceivable activity when chances are all we need is a few things. Choosing the right luggage and backpack for your needs are part of the equation of travelling light and smart. When you have the perfect travel backpack and carry-on luggage all you need for your adventures will be within reach and you won’t have to check your bags. When you travel light you travel smart.

Swiss Gear Backpack posing in Dundas Square

For just over three years I’ve travelled with the same backpack I didn’t choose. In fact, it was given to me at an event and has served me well on my travels to the USA, England, Scotland, Jamaica, Cuba and of course Canada. It is high time to retire my trusty travelling companion and choose a replacement. This time around I know my needs and I have a specific features and benefits list to check off in my travel backpack research.

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Here they are:

  • must be light and breathable as it will be on my back for long periods of time
  • multiple pockets including a zippered one inside another pocket, i.e. to keep things separate and safe
  • hold my mac air 13” cables, back up chargers, and small Bluetooth speaker, preferably an easy access pocket for my laptop
  • fit easily under plane seats as it is part of my carry on when I fly
  • made from durable and attractive material as I expect it to last many years
  • needs to hold a 3 day supply of clothes

I found it. Let me introduce you to the Swiss Gear Getaway Weekend Backpack. It is lightweight, has many pockets including some inside the bag, is attractive and best of all it will hold everything I need for a weekend getaway. The size is 18″ x 11″ x 8″  and without anything in it is only about 2lbs in weight. An added benefit is that I can slide it over my carryon pull up handle so when I am in an airport going through customs and security I have easy access to it without pulling it on and off constantly.

I love my trael backpack from the Swiss Gear Getaway Collection

I made a little video showing you some of the features I love about the Swiss Gear Weekend Getaway Backpack and even show you how I can fit everything I need for a 4-day getaway into it.

I have been fortunate to receive one of the first production models of the Swiss Gear Weekend Getaway Backpack and have put it through its paces. I can honestly say the more I travel with it the more I love it.

You can purchase the Swiss Gear Weekend Getaway Backpack on Amazon as well at Best Buy. The retail cost is only $92.00

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