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Going Off The Grid With Duracell To #PowerMoreSummer

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A Coleman lantern, portable shower and a wireless speaker…what do these three devices have in common? They’re all in the trunk of my car and powered by Duracell Quantum batteries.

Yes, you heard it – battery powered! No more worrying about running out of power when on the go, off the grid or just so caught up in the adventure you forget! When adventure calls I’ll be ready.

With these three battery-powered gadgets, I am going to get the most out of my summer road trips. You might even say I’m gonna power more summer adventures thanks to Duracell. Getting off the grid while still enjoying 21st Century conveniences like rocking out to The Tragically Hip while eating lunch on a rock after a morning of kayaking the coast of Nova Scotia. Is there anything more Canadian than The Hip and wanting our summer to last just a bit longer. Sorry, but I think not.

Summer Devices for going off grid with Duracell

I never want summer to end! Who does really? If I had my way it would be beaches, camping, and outdoor dining year round. Of course, we need Spring, Autumn and Winter, but if I could I would extend my Summer just a wee bit longer. But back to reality, we all know we can’t extend summer, but I can extend my Summer adventures just a wee bit if I’m adventurous enough!

This summer has been an epic one for me. I’ve road tripped through Southern California and the provinces of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. What is the one constant I look for in all my adventures? My desire to be outside and stay outside as long as possible. From an early morning hike on the Sand Dunes of Oceano, California to watching the sunset on a beach in PEI. Long live summer!

Sunset in Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Some of the places I’ve been to are what you would call off the grid. Zip Lining in Calaveras County where the only “reception” I could get was a friendly handshake 😉 or European Green Crab fishing in Kejimkujik Park where I had to rinse off in an Estuary. These off the grid adventures are just what I was looking for when my summer began.

Recently, I enjoyed a late night cemetery tour in Annapolis Royal – not a haunted tour so much, but a history tour. I was happy to have my Coleman lantern shine bright as I walked through the 250+ year-old cemetery. No hands reached up to grab me by surprise I can happily report. It was also handy to find the return trail back to my B&B after sitting in an Adirondack chair for a few hours watching the sun go down.

Coleman Lantern powered by Duracell Quantum Batteries

I went crabbing in a protected estuary off the coast of Nova Scotia. It is so completely off the grid you aren’t allowed to go the bathroom unless it is at a special composting toilet. It was all fun and games until a Seagull ignored the special composting toilet rule and dropped one on my head while I was pulling up a crab trap. Thankfully I’d packed a portable shower device in my backpack. A couple of D sized Duracell Quantum Batteries and I was able to rinse off without completely getting in the water.

rinsing off with a Duracell battery powered shower off the grid

Another favourite summer pastime of mine is an early morning coffee and walk. I found a nice little spot on the Halifax Waterfront one morning where I set up a speaker, blasted some tunes and just enjoyed the morning. This wasn’t so much off the grid as the other adventures, but it was just as relaxing. With the tunes low enough so only I could hear them I was able to enjoy my playlist and still hear the sounds of the harbour all around me.

Coffee and some tunes

It doesn’t matter what devices you have, if they need batteries use Duracell Quantum. You won’t have to worry about plugging your devices in every night and you can keep them handy so no matter when adventure calls, you are ready to go.

I love that if stored properly, these Duracell Quantum batteries will hold their charge for up to 10 years and if I’m wondering how much charge is left in a battery I can simply look at the Duracell Power Check, the only battery brand to have this feature.

Duracell Quantum Power Check

Duracell Quantum powers my summer and will power yours too if you are the lucky winner of this great giveaway from Duracell that includes A Coleman Lantern and enough batteries to #PowerMoreSummer for many more summers to come!

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