Pivot Sessions

The Silver Lining in a Storm Cloud

Our world has been turned upside down and there is no predicting when it will be back to “normal.” Every challenge is an opportunity out there if we are willing to be flexible and pivot to meet the challenges face on.

My own pivot involves offering my service as a business coach/mentor/inspiration catalyst. I am calling them Pivot Sessions.

I have been doing this informally for many years, but over the past six months, these conversations have increased in frequency and importance. These conversations are with fellow writers and entrepreneurs about the challenges they are facing and what their possible pivot opportunities are. 

Why Me?

My diverse background and experience include many pivots over the years, in good times and bad. It is from these experiences and pivots that I able to draw from. Here are just some of my career highlights:

  • Developed an in-store sampling program for an organic grocery store chain
  • Part of a crisis management team that helped a food business survive a Hep A outbreak
  • Many years of volunteer and charity work that included advising Not-for-profit boards on donor engagement through fundraising events and launching a national professional development webinar program
  • Built a successful event management company (produced over 250 events) with a diverse client base that included corporations, charities and government
  • 9 years of building MarcMyTravels.com from a Facebook post to a blog with over 1300 stories, and travels that took me from Thailand to Portugal, the UK and all over Canada and the US

I am also a great listener. A skill I’ve honed after hundreds of interviews with diverse business owners around the world and from managing staff for over 30 years of my career.

Why You?

You have the talent and skills needed but you are stuck, unmotivated and/or overwhelmed with the options and decisions in front of you. Sometimes having too many choices or paths to take can freeze us into inaction.

You are ready to move forward and take action, but you just need a little inspiration from an outside source that understands the challenges you face and is well versed in navigating the investment vs return equation.

Why Now?

Why not? You have nothing to lose. The world is in a state of upheaval. There is no better time to make a pivot and a course correction than this moment.

Every challenge is an opportunity just waiting to be realized. 

What Is A Pivot Session?

One hour dedicated to you.

Assessing your current “state of work”

Highlighting core strengths, skills and areas of expertise

Building on your strengths and expertise to identify new opportunities worthy of consideration and exploration

Where applicable I can also introduce and make connections to my extensive network across Canada

How Much?

Each Pivot Session is $75—and yes I take credit cards. There are no commitments beyond the first session. Of course, we can always arrange a weekly or bi-weekly accountability check-in call if that is desired.

Like all of you, I’ve done a lot of things in my 35+ years of working and volunteering. I want to share that perspective and wisdom with you. I’m not here to work out family “issues” but I can be the one to help you pivot during this time of opportunity. 

Questions? Ask away. Let me help you pivot to your next adventure.