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From Drab to Fab A Patio Floor Transformation

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From drab to fab in only a couple of hours.

With all this time spent researching the 30 Best Patios in the Lower Mainland I’m inspired to finish the work on my own patio that started last year with the help of Art Knapps. Sure I have great plants and some new patio chairs that helped refresh and liven up the patio space but something is still missing and I think I know the perfect solution. The patio needs a new floor, something not so grey, cold and concrete looking as the grey, cold and concrete floor that comes with every condo patio in Vancouver. I know just the people to help me as well, it’s time for KANDY Outdoor Flooring to the rescue! Let’s turn this drab patio floor to fab so I can start the 2014 patio season in style.

finished balcony after Art Knapps reno 2013

finished balcony after Art Knapps reno 2013

Like any good home renovation this project starts with a consultation. KANDY Outdoor Flooring founder Doug Niessen comes to my condo armed with samples galore. Before he arrived I cleared off the entire patio space so he could see exactly what he had to work with, cold and grey concrete. Whipping out his samples and laying them out for me to see I was able to get a clear picture of the patio I wanted. What’s cool about the actual product from KANDY is that it’s a “floating” deck so there are no screws, nails or anything else permanent done to the actual existing concrete floor. What does this mean? It means that you can take the floor with you when you sell and move or if you’re smart it helps increase the resale value of your condo. KANDY Outdoor Flooring is the perfect product for any condo patio.

your standard concrete patio floor

Doug Niessen from Kandy Outdoor Flooring shows me some samples

From looking at the various samples of hard wood, granite and composites I eventually chose the dark grey composite with wood like grain texture. I think it’s neutral enough for resale down the road yet very stylish and in keeping with my own personal aesthetic. Plus I think my red chairs will really pop on the dark grey floors.

This s the sample I choose

Now it’s time for installation. The first step Doug takes it to lay out all the “tiles” that fit within the patio space that need no alteration. For those of you thinking you can do this yourself you are right. This is the only step I could do by myself. It’s what’s next and what makes a KANDY Outdoor Floor stand out from all the rest.

Doug starts laying the patio floor

laying the new flooring down is just the first step

Of the 81 tiles that are used for the whole project 90% are laid in the first 20 minutes. Once the easy tiles snapped into place what’s left is the perimeter of the patio which is the hard part because no patio is ever perfect or square. That means that every tile needs to be cut to fit the unique space it will occupy. This is what I need Doug for. I don’t have the time, skill or equipment to make these cuts myself and this is why what looks like a simple DIY patio floor install should be left to the professionals.

Custom cuts are needed to fit the tiles in place for my new patio floor

That is not going to fit without some cuts

When I first heard from Doug that he would be custom cutting the tiles to fit the unique dimensions & railing posts of my patio I was worried. How much noise would it make? Would this annoy my Strata Neighbours? How much mess would it leave? You know fairly common questions but I was assured by Doug that it would be quick, quiet and he’d leave it pristine. I say get to it my friend. What really impressed me as he was setting up his equipment was the obvious thought and care they take to ensure all the mess is contained within the patio space they are working on. No complaints from my Strata Council thank you.

Time for the equipment needed to get the job done

And so the custom work begins. Measure twice and cut once is the old adage and Doug is very precise. Every nook and cranny is measured and then cut. In no time at all Doug lays the last tile and then he begins the clean up.

Measure twice cut once

time to begin the custom cuts

Clean up time by Kandy Outdoor Flooring

Drum roll please…… TADA! There you have my brand new floating patio floor by KANDY Outdoor Flooring. Isn’t it gorgeous?

My new patio floor is gorgeous

Look at how the tiles go right out under the railing to the edge of the concrete. It’s as if the new deck was part of the original condo.

look at the floor and how it's seamless

What a difference! From Drab to Fab in under 4 hours and all I did was move patio furniture. Aside from how good it looks the new patio floor is also very comfortable on my bare feet. No more cold soles, no more need for a carpet that gets wet and dirty and best of all this patio floor is super easy to sweep or vacuum clean.

Marc and Wim looking at the new balcony

it's time to party

I can’t be happier with my new patio and look forward to showing it off all summer long. I expect there will be many BBQ parties and a few cases of wine enjoyed all on the comfort of my new patio floors. If you are looking to spruce up your drab concrete patio floor then I highly recommend KANDY Outdoor Flooring. Service Service Service. Doug wouldn’t leave until everything was perfect and I got the patio that I wanted.

Kandy Outdoor Flooring is perfect for condo patios

If you think you could do this yourself and you have the time and tools go for it, but if you are like me and you want it done right the first time then call Doug at KANDY Outdoor Flooring.

Full disclosure: I was approached by KANDY Outdoor Flooring and in exchange for trying them out and sharing my experience they installed the flooring of my choice. Every word in this post is mine and I mean every one of them.


KANDY Outdoor Flooring expands home experiences™ by providing outdoor flooring for condo balconies as well as ground floor patios for both residential and commercial applications such as restaurant outdoor seating areas.  We are unique in the fact that we provide service, quality, and choice! Our clients enjoy a free, no obligation,  in-home, or on-site,  consultation to choose from a variety of exotic hardwoods, contemporary composites, and even granite.  The profile of our outdoor floating floor systems allows the dirt and water to flow through and underneath leaving the surface cleaner and drier than ever before. No glue, no grout, not nails means no problem with strata rules and maximum flexibility and modularity.  We design, deliver, install, and cleanup so our clients can simply enjoy The Sweet Treat for your Feettm.

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