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Blackjack or 21 as some people prefer to call it is among the most played games in land-based and online casinos. Part of the reasons for its popularity is because of its simple gameplay. You do not necessarily have to be a genius or a professional player to win big payouts in blackjack since the game has simple rules.

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For instance, the main aim is to get the upper hand of 21 or close to 21 without going over and at the same time trying to get the dealer to go bust. You only need to get an upper hand than the dealers and the closest to 21 to win hence there is no need for complicated strategies and any player can win despite his experience in playing blackjack.

How to Play Blackjack

At the start of the game, you first have to choose a variant and table limits that are convenient to your budget. The virtual dealer or croupier hands out a pair of 2 cards for the player and a pair for the dealer and you can sum up the cards to see how close they come to 21. You can get more cards to get close to 21 and this would go bust when your cards total more than 21 points. The number cards are counted at their face values from 2 to 10, while aces are counted as 1 or 11 which comes in handy when trying to reach 21. The face cards are jack, queen and king cards and each has a value of 10. If by chance you get an ace card you can reach 21 with only an additional face card.

Evolution of Blackjack

Blackjack games date back to many years when it was the preserve of the land-based casinos. It has been adapted in the online casinos where you can play it on your desktop or mobile smartphone or tablet. Now blackjack has evolved to include many game variants featuring slight variations in rules, number of decks and house edge. Online blackjack is also much better than land-based blackjack because of the following features;

  • Extended hours where gaming is run 24/7 in online casinos while there is limited gaming in land casinos
  • High RTP when played online
  • Bigger bonuses in online casinos which are missing in land casinos
  • More online variants than land-based blackjack
  • Lower table limits in online blackjack casinos.

How to get the Right Casino for Online Blackjack Games

Just like in other real money games such as online slots which have the potential to give you huge payouts, you can win huge payouts on blackjack games. You need first to research on the reliable real money casino where you can safely transact without the risk of losing your funds. Some of the factors to consider include:

  • Casino sign up bonuses-You can find convenient casino bonuses to fund your blackjack games in most NZ online casinos. Most new players’ bonuses provide free spins for  but some have bonus funds that you can explore the blackjack games with.
  • House edge –You should consider the casino and blackjack variant that has the lowest house edge in order to gauge if you get more from your stakes and if the house commission is too steep.
  • The Games variety-Look for a casino with the most variants. This includes games that have different blackjack rules such as the number of decks and payouts so that you can explore and settle on your favourite variant.
  • Casinos with Fun and Demo mode games-A casino that lets you play the games on demo mode is ideal when you need to practice without risking your funds. Here you can get skills and strategies to help you win and make the best decisions before playing for real money. You can also check if the casino has progressive blackjack jackpots games which have bigger payouts than the regular games.
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