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On Demand Massage Comes To Your Hotel Or Home

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My back hurts, and I have a kink in my neck after sitting on a plane for over five hours. Boy, could I use a massage. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was an on demand massage service that could come to my hotel room and help me soothe some tired and achy muscles? Oh wait, there is, and they have an APP for that. It is called Soothe and with just a few taps on my iPhone, I can book a massage therapist that will show up at my Hotel with all the gear needed for a professional massage. On demand massage comes to your hotel, and it is only an hour away. This could become addictive.

Welcome to Soothe, on demand massage comes to your hotel

Soothe started in Los Angeles in 2013 and has quickly grown to be available in over 20 cities. They are Orange County, New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Austin, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Washington D.C., Seattle, Vancouver (British Columbia), Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Indianapolis and now London, England.

How does it work? It is pretty simple. The first step is to sign up. Soothe is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

Soothe App Massage delivered to you

Once you have entered your information you are ready to book your first massage. All you need to book your massage is a minimum of 1-hour notice. I tried it out just the other day and the process couldn’t be easier. I chose a massage for one person and then the style of massage I was looking for. Sports is what I need. Next step was to select a 60 minute massage for $99, 90 minutes for $139 or 120 minutes for $169.

Book your massage on Soothe

Choose your massage style

Then I choose the time I wanted my therapist to show up, and that was it. If you are wondering, you can select a male or female therapist. I have no preference, so that is the option I chose. In less than 5 minutes I received a notification and an email confirming the appointment and my therapist’s name.

I've booked my forst massage

At the appointed time my therapist arrives and begins setting up his massage table. All in the privacy of my home. I may never go to a massage therapist clinic again if I can have the service come to me. Don’t worry I closed the blinds after this photo was taken.

Massage in my living room

90 minutes later my therapist packs up the table, sheets and is headed out the door. I am in bliss and a little sore. I probably should schedule another massage soon as I had some serious knots.

Massage therapist leaves with his table

When the service was done there was no awkward moment where I had to get my credit card and wait for the therapist to run it through his machine. When I booked the service I had already entered my credit card information so once complete it would automatically be charged to my card. Plus I get to review the therapist so that others know if he/she is any good.

The next time you are feeling a bit out of sorts why not tap that app and book yourself a massage. I might just book my next massage as I taxi from the airport to the hotel. How nice would it be to have that massage waiting for after I check in and get my luggage sorted?

On demand massage comes to your hotel and home, it is a very good thing.

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