Oceanside Whale And Dolphin Tours Are Simply Magical

Humpback Whale fluke tail

Whales and dolphins, who wants to see them? I do I do! I don’t care if I did this once a week for the rest of my life, watching whales and dolphins in the ocean would never get old for me. These amazing creatures are not only beautiful to watch, but they are awe inspiring. You can’t help but smile when a pod of dolphins swim around and with the boat you are on. When I see a Humpback Whale breach the surface of the water or flip it’s fluke tail as it dives it always leaves me with a sense of awe. Oceanside, California is home to some of the best whale and dolphin tours in the entire South California Coast. Oceanside Adventures is the cruise to take and I’ve signed up for an afternoon adventure in the hopes of catching some epic sightings of the rulers of the sea. Will I spot a Humpback or a Blue Whale? There is only one way to find out, head out on an Oceanside Whale and Dolphin Tours.

Humpback Whale fluke tail as seen on an Oceanside Whale and Dolphin Tours

Oceanside Adventures is pretty easy to find. Just head to Oceanside Harbor and look for the tall post with the signing indicating you line up here. If you pre-purchased your ticket this is where you meet at the scheduled time.

Oceanside Adventures line up flag pool

Line up here for Oceanside Adventures Whale and Dolphon tour

If an Oceanside whale and dolphin tour is a last minute impulse you will want to head to the blue building at the end of the dock. Inside is a kiosk for purchasing your tickets.

Sign up and check in for Oceanside Adventures

What’s next? The adventure of course. Here is a 90 second snap of the 2+ hours I spent on the water with Oceanside Adventures.

The tour before us was lucky enough to spot a Blue Whale. That would have been amazing but I am stoked with the three separate Humpback Whale sightings we had. A trick to capturing them on film is to pick one spot and stay there. Hopefully, you will get lucky and they will pop up right where you are. At one point I was on one side of the boat and a Humpback shocked us all by emerging just a few feet beside us on the other side of the boat. I was able to witness the beautiful whale but I couldn’t snap a picture fast enough before it dove beneath the surface.

Humpback Whale spotted on Oceanside Adventures whale watching cruise

Spotted the fluke tail as the HUmpback dove underwater

As for dolphins, we saw dozens of them. If you watched the video above you will see that they swam right up to the boat and surrounded us with their playful antics. I was in awe the entire time but I think this photo of three kids from one family says it all. They were mesmerised.

Three kids mesmerized by the diving humpback whale

Thanks to Oceanside Adventures for a truly awesome day on the water whale and dolphin watching.It’s a highlight of my California adventures so far.

All aboard Oceanside Adventures and ready to go whale watching

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