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A Night On The Town, A Portland Restaurant Crawl With @ThymeOfTaste

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You’ve heard of a pub crawl, why not a restaurant crawl.

My time in Portland is rapidly coming to an end but I have so much more that I want to see and experience. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the food scene for example. With so much to see and experience left and with so little time I think I need to call in some experts, food experts. I did some checking when I arrived in Portland looking for food bloggers to connect with and Andrew & Tiffany of Thyme of Taste were the first ones to respond and even better they invited me out for a night on the town. This is a perfect way to see a some of the Portland restaurants I may have missed. I gave Andrew and Tiffany complete control of the agenda and put myself in their knowledgeable foodie hands. 30 Days In Portland may almost be at the end but the adventures never stop, let’s eat!

Marc Andrew and Tiffany in Portland

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We agree to meet at 4pm sharp, Happy Hour of course, at Trifecta Tavern & Bakery. Located at 726 SE 6th Ave I’d heard rumours about this place while on a coffee tour earlier in my adventures. Trifecta is a restaurant, bar and a bakery that opens at 4pm, just in time for office commuters to swing by and grab a loaf of freshly baked bread. No day olds served up here. I arrive a tad early to scope out the place and the aroma is heavenly, the smell of fresh baked bread fills the entire restaurant.

Trifecta Tavern and Bakery

Bakery & cookbook by owner Ken Forkish

Trifecta bar

Andrew and Tiffany arrive soon after and then we get right into ordering. I leave it to them to do the first round and they don’t disappoint as they order some of their favourites. First up is the daily Deviled Eggs (always changing), Steak and Frites and then followed by Oysters Trifecta, a house specialty. All impressive dishes and I could have easily eaten a dozen of the Deviled Eggs. I couldn’t resist ordering one more dish, Cheesy Grits, only because I’d never had grits before and I was dying to try them. Ok now I see why they are so popular, creamy cheesy awesomeness.

Deviled Eggs at Trifecta Tavern and Bakery

Steak & Frites

Oysters Trifecta

Cheesy Grits at Trifecta Tavern and Bakery

Many cocktails were also enjoyed including the feature cocktail of the day of which I had two but for some reason forgot to write down what they were. Apparently I was too busy drinking them to remember to write down their name. While we were gnoshing and drinking we got a surprise visit from the man himself, Ken Forkish. Owner and best selling cookbook author Ken wanted to come over to say hi. Apparently he loved my tweet.

Our time at Trifecta is at its end but the night is still young. Off to another stop we walk, this one has only just opened its doors and is still in soft opening mod. Welcome to Portland’s newest urban winery Coopers Hall Winery & Taproom. I’m a huge fan of this trend to bring the winery to the consumers. Of course there is no vineyard in sight but what you do see is a wall of 40 wine taps pouring your choice of 20 red and 20 white wines.

Coopers Hall Winery & Taproom

Coopers Hall 40 wine taps

Earlier in in my adventures I had walked by Coopers Hall as they were loading in the tables and chairs so this is very exciting to be one of the first people actually inside the new winery. What’s super cool about Coopers Hall is that you can order wine by the glass in a 2oz tasting pour or full size. Get this, a 2oz pour ranges in price from $3 to $5 depending on the wine. Of course this is what Andrew, Tiffany and I do, we order nothing but 2oz tasters, 4 each in fact. It’s a great way to sample lots of wines without killing your pocket book. While we enjoy the wines I can’t help but explore a little bit and check out the space. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to return and actually try out the food on my next visit.

Cheers to wines on Tap

Looking down on Coopers Hall

sit at the bar or at a table you are inside a working winery

A couple of blocks away from Coopers Hall is the last stop of our restaurant crawl and it’s called Sauvage. An intimate little restaurant that serves up modern farmhouse cuisine it’s nestled beside its sister urban winery Fausse Piste. Andrew, Tiffany and I saddle up to the bar and put ourselves in the hands of our server. Wines and nibbles are all the order of the night and since Sauvage is known for having enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff we leave it to them to choose. Deviled eggs are in vogue again but at Sauvage we had Deviled Quails Eggs.

inside Sauvage et Fausse Piste

pouring us a glass of wine at Sauvage

Deviled Quails Egg at Sauvage

The rest of our courses are a culinary delight but also a blur. They came fast and furious and I barely had time to enjoy them and photograph them. I think I’m putting Sauvage on my list of places to return to but this time I want to start there so I can get the full enjoyment of the experience.

Cheese Plate at Sauvage

Beautiful green salad at Sauvage

another tasty plate from Sauvage

It’s time to bid Andrew and Tiffany a good night but not before I thank them for a fantastic culinary adventure in the South East part of Portland. I need another 30 Days In Portland and maybe then I’ll start to scratch the surface of all Portland has to offer. If you want to know more about Andrew and Tiffany check out their blog Thyme of Taste. It’s not just about restaurants, they also cook at home and share the recipes on their blog. I’m checking out some of their recipes for sure as it’s always fun to mix up what I serve at home to my friends.

fuzzy but clear

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