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You’ll Never Want To Fly On Another Plane, The New Air Canada 737 Max

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The Air Canada 737 Max Is All About Max Comfort


MONTREALMarch 13, 2019 /CNW Telbec/ – Air Canada confirmed today that it will comply immediately with Transport Canada’s safety notice closing Canadian airspace to Boeing 737 MAX aircraft operations until further notice.

Air Canada’s cancellation and rebooking policies are in place with full fee waiver for affected customers. We are working to rebook impacted customers as soon as possible but given the magnitude of our 737 MAX operations which on average carry nine to twelve thousand customers per day, customers can expect delays in rebooking and in reaching Air Canada call centres and we appreciate our customers’ patience.

Customers are further advised to check the status of their flight on aircanada.com prior to going to the airport.

Do you love to fly? I do because it means I am going someplace. Usually an adventure in a new city or country. The one part of flying I don’t like is being cramped on a plane next to a restless or noisy seatmate. Even worse if the person behind you is constantly kicking the seat making for a very uncomfortable flight. Well, neither happened to me on two flights I recently took aboard Air Canada’s newest plane the 737 Max, London to Halifax and Halifax to Toronto. For the transatlantic flight, I rode in Premium Economy in seat 4C. From Halifax to Toronto I was back in Economy in 16 C with an upgrade to a preferred seat. In total about nine hours in the air and when I landed in Toronto, I was still as fresh as when I left London. Air Canada’s 737 Max may just be my favourite plane to fly.

Air Canada 737 Max 8

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If you have been following my adventures you know I was recently in Porto, Portugal as a guest of Air Canada on their inaugural flight to the northern capital and home of Port Wines. From Portugal, I flew up to London to see family for a couple of weeks and from there returned back to Canada. For more details on that trip see below.

Exploring Porto Portugal

Air Canada 737 Max review

Storage – As someone who only travels with carry-on luggage and a backpack storage is a major concern for me. If a flight is full they often ask passengers that are willing to check their carry-on bags. I hate checking my bag because when I land I can make my way straight through customs and baggage claim to the car rental desk or to a cab waiting outside the airport.

Overhead storage on the Air Canada 737 Max 8 Business Class

The new 737 Max promises that I will never be asked to check my carry-on again. There is plenty of room in the storage bins above. Enough for everyone to put one suitcase and smaller bags under the seat in front of them. I was actually able to get my suitcase and backpack in the overhead bin on both flights.

Overhead Storage on the Air Canada 737 Max 8 economy

Entertainment – Is there anything more annoying once you’ve settled into your seat than a clumsy entertainment interface? More often than not when I fly the system has to be rebooted and the touch screen only works when you apply lots of pressure. The new entertainment system on the 737 Max is both stylish, larger and super responsive and intuitive.

Entertainment screen on the Air Canada 737 Max 8 business class

Flying in the larger business class section of the plane the screens are huge. Back in economy, the screens are still bigger than older planes so you will have lots of screen space to catch the latest movie, tv show or plane one of the online games included.

The touchscreen was as easy to use and as responsive as an iPad. I quite enjoyed tracking the flight details on the bottom of the screen by just touching it while a show was playing.

The entertainment system even includes an online version of the flight menu. No more thumbing through the battered and sometimes torn menu cards.

Entertainment screen Air Canada 737 Max 8 economy

On this flight, WiFi wasn’t available but the 737 Max has been outfitted with the most up to date antenna technology and even promises to offer streaming service in the near future. Imagine you could stream Netflix 30,000 feet in the air.

Confort – With a total of nine hours spent in the air, being able to stretch out is a very important factor when I book my flights. The 737 Max offers leg room and then some. Granted I flew North American business class on the first leg and preferred seating on the second leg, but even the regular economy was roomy.

Plenty of room in Business Class on the Air Canada 737 Max 8

Aside from plenty of leg room the were electrical outlets were easily accessible so my phone would be fully charged when I landed back in Toronto. In North American business class the armrest does double duty. Flip the padded top up and you’ll discover a pocket to store anything you need to so they are close at hand. This is also where the electrical outlet is located. I was able to plug in and charge up my e-reader while I was reading from it. A very nice perk.

Storage and electrical outlet on the 737 Max armrest

Storing and charging my ereader at the same time

Food on the new 737 Max is definitely an improvement. The North American business class offers a choice of meals while in an economy seat you can order a la carte from the menu. For the transatlantic portion of the flight, we received a main meal and a smaller snack towards the end of the flight. You shouldn’t arrive hungry.

Dinner is served aboard the Air Canada 737 Max business class

Put the above together with a 20% more fuel efficient engine that is 40% quieter than the previous generation 737 and you can see why I say that the 737 Max will be your favourite aeroplane to fly in, outside of the 787 Dreamliner of course.

The 737 Max currently flies limited flights within North America and a few international destinations like the one I flew on from London. When you are choosing your next Air Canada flight, look out for the 737 Max on the route details. You will be happy you flew on Air Canada’s newest plane, trust me.

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Disclosure: General

Thanks to Air Canada for hosting my flight aboard the 737 Max from London to Toronto via Halifax. This review and my opinions are 100% my own.

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    • @Joe, that exactly what i was going to say! In fact I have been on one a few months ago, the seats weren’t comfortable and the Lavatory is so tiny. I can’t even believe that this post says I don’t want to fly any other planes. And to be honest, this would be the last plane I want to be on!

  1. I felt relieved that maybe Air Canada had done something right with a piece of new equipment and maybe I was going to suspend my “Airbus only” booking policy on Air Canada flights and try the 737Max. Until I read this: “737 Max will be your favourite aeroplane to fly in, outside of the 787 Dreamliner of course”. The Air Canada configuration of the 787 is a nightmare. I am 6’4″ and a decent size guy – the seats are closer together than ever, less legroom, less shoulder room, and less padding in the seats. Fewer economy preferred seats to make room for cramming more people into coach. I despise these planes.

    I fly over 70 flights a year… and when flying Air Canada… I stick with the aging Airbus stock… and hopefully they don’t reconfigure or update them. Everything Air Canada ever does means less comfort.

    If you consider the 787 a more comfortable flight than the 737Max then I will continue to avoid the new Boeing planes when I fly Air Canada.

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