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Must Have Apps For Visitors To Canada

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Whether you’re visiting Canada for work or leisure, heading into a country for the first time can be daunting; to be honest, even if you’ve been before unless you’re a local there are certain things you’ll definitely need help searching for. Where’s the best place to stay? Are there any must-visits for food? You know, the questions that, at one time, only someone with an inside knowledge would have been able to answer. Nowadays, though all you need are a few of the best local apps and these ones should get your started.

Must Have Apps Uber


In your hometown, you learn all the best places to hail a cab, but when you visit a new country or city it becomes very easy to get lost and confused. That is unless you have the Uber app. Uber allows you to order yourself a cab online straight to your location. You can watch your designated vehicle on the app as it approaches which means you don’t need to leave until it’s literally at the door. Even better, you can pay both your fare and tip over the app too so you don’t need to worry about carrying cash.

Must Have Apps Airbnb


For a one-off, short stay to Canada it can be tempting to book a hotel room. However, in the most sought after locations, they can be extremely expensive so it’s certainly worth taking a look at what’s available on Airbnb.

Airbnb is an app where people advertise spare rooms, entire apartments and even entire homes, that are available to be rented out for your stay. Not only is this generally much cheaper than booking a hotel, it’s much more like a home from home and you’ll find that the locations of these properties are often hard to beat.

Must Have Apps Foodora


If you’re staying in the same hotel for a while then there are only so many times you can walk around the same evening buffet. Going out to eat is a great option but after a long day, especially if you’re here on business, then it’s likely to be that last thing you fancy. For these occasions, an app like Foodora is perfect because they deliver restaurant quality food to you. You can take your pick of whatever you fancy – Indian, pizza, Chinese, sushi etc. – and have it delivered directly to your hotel. It’s a win-win, no need to leave and no need to go anywhere near that evening buffet.

Must Have Apps Tripadvisor


Whenever you visit a new city it can be incredibly hard to choose the best hotels or restaurants to go to. After all, a menu can sound great and exactly to your taste, but the dish itself could be very disappointing. TripAdvisor allows you to search a town or city for restaurants or hotels and see how other travellers have rated them. This allows you to avoid both a bad hotel and bad dining experience. Reviews will advise on hotel facilities such as Wi-Fi and extras such as hairdryers as well as how modern or clean a room is. With restaurants, you’ll find reviews on prices, service and the quality of the food, a great help when there are so many options available.

Must Have Apps Waze


If you’ll be renting a car during your stay then Waze is an absolute essential. It’s a little like a social media site for drivers where you’ll find information about bad traffic, closed roads, accidents and diversions. It’s a handy tool to have if you’re on a tight schedule.

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