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Montreal Beer Festival Mondial De La Bière Celebrates 25 Years

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Montreal Beer Festival Celebrates 25 Years

Beer, beer, and more beer. From June 6 to 9, 2018 over 570 beers from around the world will be sampled at the Mondial de la Bière. That is a lot of beer and 334 of them have never been poured at this Montreal beer festival before. If you wanted to try them all you would have to sample 142.5 beers each day of the four-day festival. At a minimum of 2oz each that is really a lot of beer. Plus there are over 60 ciders and meads to sample as well. This may just be the best beer festival in all of Canada, and 2018 marks the 25th anniversary. Cheers to the beers!

Montreal beer festival Mondial de la Biere - photo credit Olivier Bourget

What’s on Offer

Over the course of the 4-day Montreal beer festival, you will be able to sample beers from all across Canada, the United States (including Jester King Brewery, Crazy Mountain, and Crooked Stave), Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy. Of course, there are plenty of Quebec microbreweries on site including seven that have never poured at the festival before.

There will workshops, beer tours, live entertainment and culinary tastings along with demonstrations. If it pairs with beer it is happening.

Here’s a list of some of the activities and events happening at Mondial de la Bière.

  • Who’s pouring; for a complete list of breweries in attendance check here
  • Tasting workshops and conferences: beer and cheeses, beer and chocolate, beer and finger food and even beer and music! Guest speakers. Hall Viger in Palais des Congrès.
  • Educational animation: Beer serving along with a short training given by renowned teachers. Book signing. Sale of promotional items.
  • Guided Tasting Tours: 30 to 45 minute-long thematic tasting tours with an assortment of experts. The activity is free but the beer tastings require payment. To register, go to the MBeer School of beerolgy at kiosk at #900.
  • Fun terrace: Interior animation by Randolph Animation
  • Publications: 14th edition of the Quebec’s Beer Trek map, including a separate publication of the Montreal map – bilingual, published since 2004.
    Tasting Notebook (2014). Pierre-Luc Gagnon and the Mondial de la bière. — bilingual
  • THE « OFF MONDIAL»: Evenings held in artisanal breweries, brewpubs and beer bars across Montreal — June 4 to 9.
  • Restaurant Tastings: Montreal’s most audacious 27 chefs create dishes cooked with beer and put them on their menu during our Beer Brewing Week. — June 4 to 10.
  • Festival Food Pavilions: DerfJerky(new)–PretzelsetCie–Vergerdescerfs–FromagerieduterroirdeBellechasse–Kévy–Painvoyageur– Saucissons Batistou (Transat Sélection) – Capital Traiteur – Frites Alors! – Charcuteries Pork Shop – Maisonnette du fudge – Promenade en raclette (new) – Hoogan et Beaufort (new)

Food sampling at Mondial de la Biere - photo credit Olivier Bourget

How Much Does the Festival Cost?

Actual attendance at Mondial de la Bière is free. What costs money are your samples and this is how it works. There are a number of tasting packages available. Everything from a la carte to a full 4-day VIP package. You can purchase on-site or online if you organized enough. In the first 23 years of the festival, you were purchased drink tickets to present to each vendor in exchange for samples. Last year Mondial de la Bière went digital. Now you purchase a reloadable card for $3 and your package is loaded directly to the card. When you visit a vendor they swipe your card and the “ticket price” is deducted from your card balance. If you run out you can always reload at the festival. Not sure of your balance they will have 4 “balance checker” stations located around the festival.

Mondial de la Biere festival packages

Montreal de la Biere reloadable payment card

A 1-day VIP pass costs $90 including taxes and includes

  • The tasting of a large assortment of international beers, at will
  • 25 tasting coupons on your payment card, to be used on the site. No value outside the festival
  • 1 tasting glass
  • 1 reusable bag
  • 1 event program 2018
  • 1 Quebec Beer Trek Map 2018. The “QUEBEC BEER TREK MAP ” opens the door to the world of beer in Quebec. It lists the best spots to find beers, producers, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, festivals and convenience stores specializing in beer. A bunch of ways to appreciate Quebec’s beer!


Or go a la carte and purchase blocks of tickets at 20 tickets for $20.

Mondial de la Biere photo credit Olivier Bourget

Microbreweries in Montreal

The microbrewery scene in Monreal is massive and if you want to add a brewery crawl to your festival activities here is a digital map of most of them within Montreal city limits. Best of all they are all easy to access via public transit. If you’ve never been to Montreal here is a post to help you get around without a car.

City of Montreal microbrewery map

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets, book your hotel and get yourself to Montreal for what looks to be an amazing 4-days of beer, beer and more beer. In fact, I’d mark your calendar and make this Montreal beer festival an annual must attend.

Mondial de la Biere photo credit Olivier Bourget

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