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Money Mistakes to Avoid when Jetting off on a Tanzania Safari

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Despite Christmas being just around the corner, consumer confidence has dipped recently against the backdrop of global economic uncertainty. However, this has yet to affect the tourism sector, with people still willing to spend considerable sums on holidays abroad.

Over recent years we’ve witnessed a shift in vacation trends with couples, families and friends opting to explore more corners of the globe, leading to a rise in visitor numbers to African nations like Tanzania.

Boasting the famous Serengeti, unique cultures and incredible cuisine it’s no surprise to see Tanzania safari tour packages pop up around across the web that caters for all budgets.

Despite many repute firms like Tanzania Odyssey covering things like travel and accommodation it’s still best to adopt a proactive approach when managing your money ahead of embarking on a Tanzanian safari.

With this in mind, here are some of the mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Check out Bank and ATM Fees

When you’re overseas, you’re likely to incur a fee of some kind or another whenever you withdraw cash.

This will vary depending on whether or not the ATM that you use is run by a large bank or an independent provider, while you may also be required to pay more if the bank is not on your card’s network.

The key is to review the area where you intend to stay before you travel, as you look to identify the banks and available ATMs within the local area. This way, you can plan your trip and overall expenditure while determining whether it’s more cost-effective to take cash on your travels.

Also, we’d recommend that you inform your bank about your travel plans because otherwise, their respective fraud departments may shut down your card as a precaution.

  1. Set up your Phone up for use in the International Market

If you’re a US citizen who’s travelling to Africa you could be met by some hefty data roaming charges.

With this in mind, you should definitely consider adding an international roaming plan to your smartphone provider, as this will cover you for the duration of your safari adventure and reduce your unwanted phone and internet costs considerably.

Some safari lodges also use a dongle with pre-paid minutes already installed, and this affords you access to Wi-Fi while abroad. Just be sure to only use this for essentials, otherwise, you can compromise the value of your savings considerably.

Bring Traveller’s Cheques as a last resort

There’s no doubt about it; traveller’s cheques are increasingly outdated in the modern age, with people now preferring to use cash, e-wallets and pre-paid travel cards while abroad.

Traveller’s cheques are also incredibly time-consuming, as only certain banks accept them and attempting to convert them in a foreign institution could well prove to be a frustrating and ultimately futile experience.

It’s also fair to surmise that there’s likely to be a paucity of banks and building societies in the African bush, so it may be prudent to seek out a more accessible source of cash when heading out on safari.

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