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Traveling is fun, relaxing, and educational. New experiences are always a great addition to your well-being; whether you seek adventure, enjoy discovering new cultures through sight-seeing, or simply prefer to indulge in the tranquillity of a new town or city and meeting new people. But for all your travels, there is one necessity that most seems to neglect, and that is to dress the part! 

Listed below are a few tips on how to travel with style.

Comfort is key

The first rule to abide by when traveling is to dress comfortably. You are about to embark upon your journey, and you want to be as relaxed as possible. Men don’t want to be stressed with constant unwanted pinches or rubs from clothes, so if you choose to wear jeans, make sure they are stretchy. Or if you opt for the utmost comfort, and prefer to travel in sweatpants, style them with a casual shirt to ensure you don’t look like you’re in your PJs.

Dress sharp

Yes, everyone goes crazy for a sharp-dressed man, eloquently put. The opportunities are endless during your travels, so dress to impress. If you don’t know where to start, opt for versatile pieces like a merino wool men’s shirt recommended by stylists, that dresses up a casual outfit and adds comfort to a pantsuit. Let’s be frank. If you dress as though you just fell out of bed, you’re hardly going to catch the eye of your onlookers in a positive light, let alone be offered an impromptu first-class ticket, or a fine dining experience in a 5-star restaurant.

Slip-on shoes

No, we don’t mean just your run of the mill flip flops; contrary to popular belief, you can find four easy ways to travel with style. Smart slip-ons make it a quick and easy process through airport security, and also are a fashionable accessory to your outfit. 

Pack smart

The last thing you want on your holiday is to be brought out the iron constantly, so make sure you pack smart when it comes to dress suits. Roll your shirts up in bundles to decrease the need for ironing; this also creates more space in your luggage as you want to pack light. If you are driving, then take hangers to hang your jackets in the car. Don’t forget belts; you don’t want to be pulling up your pants all day. 

The little touches

Last but not least, don’t forget certain must-haves in your travel bag such as sunglasses; this is an important accessory that adds a little flair to your style as well as protects your eyes from the sun. Smart and comfy dress shoes; wear them in a little before an event to avoid struggling on your feet all night. And of course, hygiene, so pack breath fresheners or gum and put on a dash of deodorant and cologne is a must. Don’t bathe in the cologne, though, just a sprinkle.

Now you are set to travel with style and look the part. No matter what your trip entails, you are prepared for any occasion with a smooth, stylish dress-sense that’ll give you the confidence and charisma to make people turn around and take notice. 


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