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I’m Going On A Road Trip From Vancouver To Portland, What Should I See?

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The land of Food Trucks and Craft Beers.

I’ve dusted off the last bits of sand from my Hawaiian adventures but my feet are starting to get restless again. I think it’s time for a Road Trip but where should I go? It needs to be close enough to Vancouver that I don’t spend two days in a car yet far enough away that I feel like I’ve left on vacation. Hmmmm I also wouldn’t mind if this place had a great food scene, art galleries, tax free shopping and maybe one of the most vibrant Craft Beer scenes in the Pacific Northwest. I can only be talking about PORTLAND. I’m going to Portland! Ya baby it’s time to pack my bags and take 30 Days on the road from Vancouver to Portland, the city that knows the name of every chicken it eats. 30 Days In Portland is not going to be good for my waistline, I can tell you that right now.

Travel Portland


I actually started to think about Portland while I was at the Kona Brewers Festival. Over 50% of the beer sampled at the festival is brewed in Portland and surrounding areas so why not go straight to the source and try as many of their brews as possible. I wasn’t a big beer drinker before but my first beer festival in Boise last year and now the Kona Brewers Festival have me hooked!

Marc and John enjoying our beers

Of course Portland has more to offer than just great beer, they also have a massive Food Truck scene which is calling out my name to explore and sample. And last but not least Portland is a tax free shopping state! My wardrobe could use a serious freshening up and I think Portland might just be the place to stock up on some t-shirts and shorts for the upcoming summer season.

hmmm my sampler plate

I’m sure my time is Portland is going to be fun and jam packed but I’d love some help from you. Have you ever been to Portland before? What are some of your recommended places to visit? Where are the best burgers? Which bar/lounge has the best cocktails? Which is your favourite hotel? What’s your favourite store to shop at for deals? Help me and I’ll give you a treat to say thanks. Leave a comment in this post at the bottom with your suggestions then enter the contest below.

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Every good road trip needs some help to get it started and I can’t be more thankful for two awesome supporters of 30 Days, Roam Mobility and GM Canada. Roam is hooking me up with everything I need to stay connected to my world in Canada while I’m in the USA and GM is hooking me up with a sweet ride to make the road trip possible. You can’t go on a road trip if you don’t have wheels after all. I’m not sure yet what GM vehicle I’ll be driving so I kinda feel like it’s Christmas Eve and tomorrow morning I get to open my presents. Wee!!! What GM vehicle would you like to take on a road trip?

GM Canada

Next stop Portland…..

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Marc Smith is a former event planner turned vagabond adventurer. He loves strong Americano's, great wine, cold beer and zip lining over tree tops. Formerly of Vancouver, most of Marc's time when not travelling is in Canada's largest city, Toronto. Follow along on his nomad adventures and discover places to stay, things to do and where to eat & drink as he explores the world one city and region at a time.


  1. Breakfast at Mom’s; happy hour at the Driftwood Room; take a walking tour (there is a really great tour that focusses on underground Portland!); check out the farmers market on Saturday too. Have fun!

  2. Ok, so…. PORTLAND!!! Loved the Heathman Hotel, amazing suits & great restaurant. Beer tours are awesome 😀

  3. Drive up to Lincoln city in your ford ride and eat crab with cocktail sauce out of a cup — yum, beach side concessions…..

  4. I love Portland! You must spend at least an afternoon at Powell’s! Then either visit the bar at The Kennedy School, or you can stay there. It’s an old elementary school turned hotel/ hip lounge. And the Salt Soaking pool is awesome!

  5. I’ve never spent time in Portland, only driven through..but since it’s a ‘road’ trip, I suggest you drive the 101 hwy down along the coast. It’s stunning! Enjoy your trip!

  6. You lucky man! I adore Portland, and I have a few recommendations for you…

    Happy Hours pretty much anywhere
    Snacks or dinner at The Heathman Hotel
    Stay a night at the Vintage Plaza and relax at their afternoon wine hour and dinner at Pazzo – they have a special rate for BC residents
    Visit the Chinese Garden in the Pearl District – it’s wonderful!
    The Japanese Garden and Rose Gardens are not downtown but also worth a visit (just not sure if the roses would be blooming yet…
    And Powell’s, of course:-)

  7. Anca Aroneanu on

    If you love Thai food, Pok Pok is a must! Voodoo Doughnuts of course. And check out the hippie neighborhood – it has a ton of personality and the people are so nice. Have a great trip Marc!!

  8. Skip Voodoo Doughnuts, in my opinion. They’re too sweet for my taste, try Blue Star instead. Hit out Ground Kontrol for beer + arcade games. Union Way and Canoe for high-end boutiques.

    Lots of coffee: Stumptown, Barista, others. Screen Door for brunch (chicken + waffles).

  9. Sir, you cannot miss Clyde Common if you like the best cocktail scene around. Try the ‘Heart Of Darkness’! Also don’t miss their fries, with the harissa/creme fraiche mix…
    You cannot miss Powell’s City Of Books!
    There is a bakery in the Pearl District called Saint Honore Boulangerie, I have gone there all 6 times I have been to Portland. If you like French pastries and amazing coffee… just go!

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