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How to Make Those Train and Plane Journeys More Interesting

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Travelling the world is the most amazing experience. It genuinely has so many upsides. But if there’s one downside to balance them out, it’s the plane and train journeys to get you from A to B. The hours spent beside arguing couples and screaming babies, the torturous trips where you just can’t get comfortable, the impossibility of sleeping when you find yourself suddenly thrust into a completely new and different time zone… It’s hardly a recipe for a good time, is it? Unless, of course, you’re a seasoned pro who knows what you’re doing – or have a seasoned pro at hand to teach you. Enter this article.

Always have a good book in your bag 

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If you’ve never developed a love of reading, travelling gives you the perfect reason to change that. The one form of entertainment that’s accessible any place you go, it gives you a way to escape the boredom of being stuck in a small, confined space and go instead to wherever your imagination wants to take you. You might be on a hot, cramped train journeying overland across America, but with the right reading material to hand you can see the wilds of Africa, the smog-covered landscape of Victorian London or even the towering beauty of the great pyramids of Egypt.     

Pack some playing cards

Playing cards are a hand luggage essential if you’re planning on travelling for any length of time. Offering dozens of boredom buster options, from solo rounds of Solitaire to communal card games like Cheat and Slapjack, they’re fun, lightweight and don’t require internet access, which means you can use them absolutely anywhere you go. A pack of playing cards can also be a great tool for meeting new people, as you’ll find plenty of takers should you suggest a game to the equally bored individuals around you.

Take your laptop along with you 

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Although laptops are a bit useless on plane journeys, there are lots of trains that have onboard Wi-Fi, so it’s a good idea to take yours along with you when you travel on one. Whether you use the free internet to catch up on your favourite Netflix series or find some great online sports betting bonuses to take advantage of on this site, there’s a world of possibilities that will open up once you have the internet at your fingertips. You might even fancy doing a live blog of your travels, or Skyping with absent friends to keep yourself entertained.     

Challenge your mind with some mental puzzles

Internet access is great when you have it, but for those times when you don’t, puzzle books can come in handy. We know it sounds a bit nerdy, but crosswords, word searches, Sudoku and their ilk can all be good ways to occupy your time and keep your brain active while you travel. Adult colouring books are similarly helpful and tend to hold a particular appeal for the artsier among us. 

What hand luggage essentials will you pack the next time a plane or train journey looms?

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