The Hottest Toronto Ice Cream Shops On Queen Street West To Cool You Down


Toronto Ice Cream Shops On Queen Street West

Ice cream ice Cream who wants ice cream? Summer is here and the temperatures in Toronto are soaring. 30°C + and the humidity is downright sticky. What better way to cool off, other than jumping into a pool, than a waffle cone topped with scoops of creamy rich delicious ice cream. I’m drooling thinking about it. The Toronto ice cream scene has been heating up for years and the latest hot spot for tasty and funky ice cream is Queen Street West. Like the Pet Shop Boys sing “Go West” lets go find us some wicked Toronto ice cream.

Toronto ice cream shops, Ice Cream solves everything

La Diperie (3 locations in Toronto) 925 Queen Street West – The best thing to come out of Quebec since Celine Dion is La Diperie. A very simple concept executed extremely well with quality ingredients making a superb ice cream and experience.

They only sell 1 kind of ice cream, vanilla soft serve. It’s what you do with it that makes La Diperie so fantastic. It is as easy as 1,2, 3

Steps 1 2 3 at La Diperie

Step 1 Pick your size. From a mini that is big enough for two bites up to an ice cream sandwich.

Step 2 Select your chocolate dip flavour. There are 31 chocolate dip flavours to choose from. Dark, milk and white chocolate are the base.

Step 3 Add toppings. 30+ to choose from including Skor, pretzels, green pea and of course sprinkles.

What did I pick? A mini cone sipped in Caramel Fleur de Sel and rolled in Coconut and Roasted Hazelnuts. Heaven in a cone.

A mini cone from la Diperie on Queen Street West

iHalo Krunch 831 Queen Street West – What do you get when you take traditional soft serve ice cream, mix in flavours inspired by Filipino and Asian culture and add charcoal to the waffle cone and one of the flavours? You get iHalo Krunch.

Love me some iHalo Krunch ice cream

Expect lineups, minimalist decor and great ice cream. You have four main flavours to choose from, matcha, vanilla, ube, and the charcoal-infused coconut. Have them singly or get a swirl if you’re adventurous. I had the matcha, ube and charcoal-infused coconut served in a charcoal cone.

iHalo Krunch swirl cones

Different and delicious.

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery 93A Ossington Ave – Not technically located on Queen Street West, but it is a very short walk from Queen and it’s a Toronto ice cream favourite.

Big Bang Bakery and Ice Cream

Tons of flavours to choose from that include avocado, burnt toffee, and Bellwoods Stout beer n’ brown bread. What makes Big Bang stand out for me is how you eat the ice cream. Don’t be boring and have it in a cup, instead choose from an array in-house baked cookies to make an ice cream sandwich or try a Big Bang Bubble Waffle Cone.

Custom made to order ice cream sandwich at Big Bang Bakery and Ice Cream

If you order the BBBW be prepared to wait 5 minutes as they make the bubble waffles to order. I feasted on the BBWF filled with Orange Cardamon and Ginger Milk. A truly delicious combo I think they should name after me.

Be prepared to stand in line. It is worth the wait.

The Big Bang Bubble Waffle with scoops of ice cream

Sweet Olenka’s (4 locations in Toronto) 1050 Queen Street West – Opened in 2007 along Lakeshore Blvd in Etobicoke, Sweet Olenka’s is more than an ice cream shop. They offer fine chocolates, cakes (including gluten-free and vegan) and of course ice cream.

Sweet Olenka's Ice Cream on Queen Street West

They have a wide selection of ice cream flavours available including traditional flavours and some funky and quirky ones like Stilton and Walnut. They also offer pints of their flavours for enjoyment at home. If you are a Vegan you are in luck as they have vegan ice cream options as well.

I devoured a cone topped with two scoops of Blueberry Yoghurt and Pistachio.

So who wants ice cream? I’ll see you on Queen Street West enjoying some of the best Toronto ice cream around.

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