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Flying High On A 1000 Islands Helicopter Tour

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Man hasn’t wanted to fly since before Icarus and Greeks. I think they would be amazed to discover what we are able to do today thanks to airplanes and helicopters. I don’t care how many times I’ve been up in a plane it is still a wonder and a privilege to experience. Speaking of wonders, have you ever been up in a helicopter before? If the answer is no may I suggest you remedy that right away and book yourself a flight. Preferably a 1000 Islands helicopter tour with Kouri’s Kopters. Why fly over the 1000 Islands? Why not? Also, the view from the air is the best way to appreciate this UNESCO-designated site featuring over 1800 Islands and the Rideau Canal. Fly 1000 Islands and you’ll get a birds eye view like no other.

View from the Helicopter cock pit

When I was in Gananoque three years ago I did a similar adventure with Kouri’s Kopters, however, they were based out of Kingston which meant a 30-minute drive there and back plus we had to fly over some rather uninteresting stuff to get to the 1000 Islands. Now, they are based right outside of town and couldn’t be easier to access.

Our Helicopter for flying over the 1000 Islands

The biggest decision to make is which tour to take? I’m doing a custom flight that blends the 1000 Islands and the Boldt Castle tours. I hear they are also planning wine tours to Prince Edward County… mmmm that could be fun!

Fly 1000 Island tour package choices

Ok, the tour has been picked. I have my camera ready and we are all set to take off. Let the 1000 Islands helicopter tour begin.

Captain and I ready for take off

We start out flying over Gananoque towards the St Lawrence River.

Flight begins over the St Lawrence River

Already I am seeing things from above that you can’t see at ground level. Like the varying depth of the St Lawrence River. It is very shallow around each Island and then it drops off deep enough to allow freight tankers from all over the world to access the Great Lakes.

Changing depth of the St Lawrence River

Looking down on some of the 1000 Islands

From the height we are at it is easy to fly over some of the private islands that 4 and 5 generations of families have called their vacation home. Wouldn’t that be kinda special to have in your family?

Private Island seen from above

The most famous home and Island is Boldt Castle and my Captain gives me a clear view of this famous dwelling. The owners Chef is credited for creating the dressing we know and love, 1000 Island Dressing.

Boldt Castle as seen from above

To truly appreciate the experience you need to watch the video I shot during the tour.

Doesn’t that inspire you to book a 1000 Island helicopter tour? Well, my tour is nearing the end of its 20-minutes so that means it is time to return to Gananoque. Not before we fly over the bridge that connects Canada and upstate New York, though.

The bridge that connects Canada and the USA

Time to come in for a landing.

Coming in for a landing

This never gets old. I could do this every week and still find something new to see and enjoy. I can’t recommend a 1000 Island helicopter tour enough. In fact, if I’m in town I will go up with you!

Approaching the town of Gananoque on a 1000 Islands Helicopter tour



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Disclosure: General

Thanks to Ontario Tourism, Chevrolet Canada and Tourism 1000 Islands for their support to make this travel series possible. My views and opinions are 100% my own.

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