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Five Best European Destinations for Backpackers

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If backpacking is your preferred method of travel, then you’re unlikely to ever run out of options for touring mainland Europe. Backpacking has always been popular, but today, it’s preferred for its cheapness and the ability to do more. The sort of people who travel this way also looks to make money while travelling. Creative types such as photographers, writers, artists and travel bloggers.

Greek Island Hopping

Greece consists of a large mainland and over 6,000 islands. Around 230 are inhabited. The great think about Greece is the variety. From scorching popular destinations of Rhodes and Kos to the east, Crete with its mountain interior to the south, to the milder climate of Thasos, Greece has it all. Because it’s one country, getting about is easy for backpackers as regular ferry services cross the Aegean and Mediterranean. A place ideally suited to inspire those looking to make money while travelling.


An excellent starting point for a tour of the low countries, the historic city of Bruges wows the culture vulture. The popularity of Bruges may have faded in recent years, but its star has not. It’s still home to a fantastic Christmas Market and with wide open squares surrounded by incredible architecture, Bruges is an ideal destination for couples and for backpackers alike. It’s also one of the cheapest cities to stay, eat, and drink, anywhere in Europe, so ideal for creatives looking to make money while travelling.


How did a city once known only as a centre of Europe’s division become so popular with young backpackers? Simply, it has reinvented itself as a city of culture and arts. There are few cities as trendy as Berlin right now, but that trendiness is not built on hype. There is a substance to its popularity which is why so many are drawn there. If its music you want, Berlin has it. Throw in some great galleries and museums, live music venues, and some great architecture too. Germany’s capital city is surprisingly affordable.


There is no way the original backpacker destination isn’t going to make such a list. Capital of The Netherlands, it’s famed for art galleries, canals, and catering precisely to the backpacker market. There are plenty of affordable hostels and its tourism means plenty of trendy places to eat and drink. No trip would be complete without visiting the Van Gogh museum, a canal tour, or a visit to some of the city’s many markets. Best seen by bicycle due to the large pedestrianised areas.


Ostra-where? This Czech city may not be as famous as the other destinations listed here but that doesn’t mean it should be ruled out as a backpacking destination. Ostrava is Czechia’s third biggest city but is considerably cheaper to live than the more touristic Prague. It also makes an ideal base from which to explore neighbouring Central and Eastern European destinations, as you can take advantage of the dense and extremely efficient rail network.


Croatia’s rise to prominence as a top European destination was fast. Already, the Aegean country which is just a stone’s throw from the eastern Italian coast is a much-loved gem for backpackers. Part of the reason is striking Dalmatian Coast and its gorgeous cities of Dubrovnik and Split. The latter is popular amongst culture lovers for its Roman ruins, medieval architecture, and that view of the harbour. It lacks the intense summer heat of other Mediterranean destinations, making it a great base to stay to make money while travelling.

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