Discovering England’s Charms Through The English Premier League


The English Premier League is one of the United Kingdom’s finest exports and it has captured the imagination of over half the people in the world. It is reported that the Premier League has a global audience of over 4.7 billion people, as well as being broadcast to 643 million homes worldwide in 212 territories. It truly is an incredible product that is the most-watched professional sports league in the world.

It is so popular because the best players in the world want to play in it and are drawn to the Premier League for a number of reasons. The stadiums are a huge factor and England can boast some of the finest stadiums in world football. The likes of the Emirates Stadium, the London Stadium, Wembley, The Etihad, Old Trafford and Anfield have huge pulling power when attracting the world’s best.

These famous stadiums are scattered across England from the North to the South and play host to the finest footballers on the planet. When a world-class player who doesn’t play in the Premier League comes onto the market, they receive offers from the biggest clubs in England. A player can be swayed by which part of England he wants to live in and normally makes his decision based on the area that has the most personal appeal. 

Big BenLondon Classic II” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by fabsit

 For a long time, the London clubs have had the monopoly on the world’s best players as the city is not just considered the best in England but arguably also the world. Being in the South means a few more hours of sunshine a year coupled with slightly warmer temperatures. London is considered the financial capital of the world, as well as the cultural capital, which gives it an edge over the other cities in England – it has even been referred to as the capital of the world.

Tower Bridge & the ShardLondon Tower Bridge & The Shard” (CC BY 2.0) by Arch_Sam

 It’s not just the players who have historically wanted transfers to London clubs but also their wives or girlfriends. When Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud was told he could leave Arsenal and London, Everton, who are situated up north in Liverpool, came in for him. His wife ruled out the move for her husband and stated she wouldn’t move north of Watford

Jennifer Giroud eventually got her way as her husband secured a move to Chelsea in South West London. In fairness to the two, Olivier Giroud has started off life very well at Chelsea after having scored five times in 18 games. Chelsea is now 12/1 to win the league next year in Premier League betting which is a lot better than Everton’s 200/1 to chances. Maybe it was the right choice after all.

It must be said that times are a-changin’ and the magical cities of the North are offering players just as much these days. The Premier League’s best team is Manchester City and could be for a while to come. Out of the last ten Premier League seasons, it has been won six times by teams in the North and only three times by teams in the South. In fact, Chelsea is the only club to have won it from the South since 2002.

Old Trattford Manchester
Old Trafford, Manchester” (CC BY 2.0) by Sean MacEntee

 The North’s charm is becoming more recognized and the fabled cities of Manchester, Liverpool Newcastle and Leeds are considered some of the most cultured in Europe. In terms of the best teams in the Premier League, the North is well ahead and may just be the most desired place to be in years to come.


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