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From Coffee To The Cancan A Dawson City Restaurant Guide

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I have fallen in love with Dawson City. Twenty-two hours of summer sunlight can sure mess with your sleeping patterns but the joy of walking home after a “night out” in near noontime brightness makes me happy. Another reason for me to love this northern city is a rather decent food scene. For a town of fewer than 2000 residents, you would expect cheap diners, crappy coffee and perhaps one decent restaurant. Not the case at all. My Dawson City restaurant guide includes great coffee, cocktails, hearty breakfast, damn good schnitzel, a Greek restaurant and even a vaudeville show. Oh did I forget fish & chips and a cafe with a wide selection of vegetarian dishes? Yup the Dawson City restaurant scene has something for everyone and I have a few favourites. Let’s eat.

Lamb Paidakia at The Drunken Goat Taverna

Riverwest Bistro – located on Front Street this is where I went every morning for my Espresso and baked goods. They have a great patio for when the weather is nice and the staff is super friendly. I even picked up a Nanaimo Bar as a treat for an American friend who didn’t know what they were. Just call me a Canadian Culinary Ambassador. Solid cafe and really good coffee.

Coffee to go at Riverwest Bistro

Alchemy Cafe – At 878 Third Avenue you will find Alchemy Cafe. Home of local, organic and damn great food. Smoothies, rice bowls and daily specials with plenty of favours are the main draw here. I’ve heard breakfast is also spectacular but my visit for lunch which consisted of a great espresso and a large bowl of Daal and Broccolini. Seriously delicious!

Alchemy Cafe Dawson City

Amazing lunch special at Alchemy Cafe Dawson City

The Drunken Goat Taverna – Who knew you would find a Greek restaurant in Dawson City? Not I, but this place is fabulous. During the Summer it is super popular and packed, I was here during the Dawson City Music Festival and we had to fight to get a table. If they have it on the menu try the Greek marinated Lamb Chops or Lamb Paidaika. OMG SO GOOD!

The Drunken Goat Taverna Dawson City restaurant

Lamb Paidakia at The Drunken Goat Taverna

Sourdough Joe’s – Back on Front Street you can satisfy your Fish & Chips craving at Sourdough Joe’s Restaurant. Panko Crusted fish and great fries make for a great lunch break, especially when paired with a Yukon Gold beer.

Fish & Chips at Sourdough Joe's Dawson City

Aurora Inn – Where do you go for Schnitzel in Dawson City? Aurora Inn of course. A great Schnitzel and the mushroom sauce was so flavourful I wanted another side of it as I couldn’t get enough of it. Non-traditional in that it is served with fries but still a great dish.

Pork Schnitzel with Mushrooms at Aurora Inn Dawson City

Belinda’s Casual Dining & Lounge – Inside the Westmark Hotel you will find Belinda’s Casual Dining and Lounge. The service was friendly and it is one of the larger dining rooms in Dawson City but unfortunately, I felt the food was just ok. I think it caters to an older demographic as most of the guests come from Cruise Ship tours. I had the Mushroom Schitnzel and while ok it wasn’t great. The side of Mac & Cheese was tasty though.

Wild Mushroom Schnitzel at Belinda's Casual Dining and Lounge

Bombay Peggy’s – How about a martini or perhaps you would like a glass of whisky? There is only place for you then and it is Bombay Peggy’s at 2nd Ave and Princess Street. A former brothel and boarding house this 100+-year-old building has some stories hidden in its walls. Today it is an Inn and a small pub where locals and tourists alike gather. I tried the Dead Wild in Bed, a cocktion made up of Jamison’s, Maple Whisky, Bailey’s and cold coffee. Refreshing and it helped me stay awake.

Bombay Peggy's Dawson City

Cocktails at Bombay Peggy's

Diamond Tooth Gerties – Canada’s first casino opened in Dawson City in 1971 and it is still going strong today. With three shows nightly May to September you will be treated to some entertainment Klondike style. There is an 8:30, 10 and midnight show. The later the show the raunchier it gets. Be careful you don’t have too many drinks because you just may say yes and get pulled up on stage to try your hand at the Cancan.

Audience participation at Diamond Tooth Gerties

The Cast of Diamond Tooth Gerties 2017

Last but not least of my Dawson City restaurant guide is a visit to the Sourdough Saloon in the Downtown Hotel for the Sourtoe Cocktail. You have to do it at least once.

Sour Toe Cocktail

There you have it and this isn’t all of them. I would have to come back and spend another few days of non-stop eating to complete my Dawson City restaurant guide. Stay tuned for an update after my next visit.

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