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Turning Your Condo Balcony Into An Oasis From The Urban Jungle

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Wouldn’t it be great if every day was a vacation day? We would all feel relaxed, a sense of adventure, happy and best of all we’d be open to new experiences. There is a reason we look forward to our annual vacation and shout out TGIF as we near the end of our work week. It is what 99.9% of us seem to work towards. The two, three or four weeks we get a break from work. I’m a firm believer in instilling a little vacation spirit into my every day and while I’m not always successful at it I’ve discovered that having an oasis of calm to go to always helps. For my best friend, it is his condo balcony on Toronto’s waterfront. It didn’t look like much of an oasis when he moved in, more like a desert. With the help of yours truly and the balcony flooring experts at Kandy Outdoor Flooring, we were able to transform his drab into fab. So now when I visit I have a place to channel my inner vacation spirit.

Finished patio floor by Kandy Outdoor Flooring is awesome

The above photo is the result of an in-house consultation by Kandy Outdoor Flooring and a few hours work by their install team. This is not what it looked like before they arrive. For that, I have some before photos.

Before Patio photo left side

Before patio photo ride side

My BFF already had some elements needed to transform his condo balcony into the oasis he wanted. All weather furniture, a BBQ and some planters. The big problem was the balcony floor was a drab grey cement and it was freezingly cold. Being on the water the balcony floor always seemed chilly to bare feet so we would have to put shoes on to go outside. Not ideal in my opinion.

As the best friend and a frequent guest on this balcony, I thought important I be there for the in-house consultation. Step one is to pick the balcony flooring tiles. They interlock and are very secure. Placed on top of the cement floor they allow water and dirt to move through to the bottom and drain out. Gus chose the colour and pattern he liked and even opted for a patch of high-quality artificial turf to separate the two areas on his balcony. Even the dog gets a vote.

Looking at some of the Kandy Outdoor Flooring options

Dog approved patio floor tiles

Step two is to measure the square footage of the condo balcony. Here is a short video showing how to measure properly.

Step three is to book the appointment. The best time of the year to do this is at the beginning of Spring so you can enjoy the balcony for the whole Summer season.

Step four is installation.

The product has arrived

Install time of Kandy Outdoor Flooring

Laying the membrane for the artificial turf

The install team arrives with everything needed to custom fit the balcony floor to your unique space. When they are done there is no mess, just an awesome balcony ready for you to enjoy. Junior is the first to try out the new turf and he approves!

Completed grassy patch

In just a short time this cold and blah patio has been transformed into an urban oasis fit for morning coffees, Beers in the afternoon, BBQ’s in the evening and anytime reading a book.

Finished patio floor by Kandy Outdoor Flooring is awesome

If you can’t feel a little vacation spirit entering your attitude here you are way overdue for one. If you need me I’ll be enjoying a burger we just BBQ on the grill.

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Kandy Outdoor Flooring provided all materials and labour for consideration of this post. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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