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The Beverley Hotel Toronto Opens The Rooftop Just In Time For Summer

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Put away your parkas and your umbrellas, grab a sun hat and slather on some sunscreen because summer is here, summer is here! My absolute favourite summer past time is to be sitting on a fabulous patio with fabulous friends enjoying fabulous cocktails all while the sun showers me in vitamin D. This is heaven to me and I couldn’t be more excited that the Beverley Hotel on Queen West has finally opened their Rooftop patio and lounge. Away from the honking horns and the dust wiped up by the winds off of Lake Ontario a rooftop patio is a perfect place to spend my summer afternoons and evenings in the city.

The Rooftop at the Beverley Hotel is open

Under new ownership and management, the Beverley Hotel has brought in acclaimed Chef Vittorio Colacitti to oversee restaurant operations at the hotel. Backing Chef Vittorio up at the bar is Moses McIntee. Under their skilful leadership, I expect great things.

The Beverley Hotel rooftop is open

The opening part was a huge hit and I was thrilled to be invited to one of the first to check it out. There are a few touches that still need to be tweaked but overall I give it 5 cocktails out of 5. Speaking of cocktails I sampled them all and my two favourites were the Watermelon Punch and the Whisky Cocktail. The whisky is not for a first timer, just saying it packs a punch.

Refreshing Watermelon cocktail at the Beverley Hotel Rooftop lounge opening

Whiskey cocktail at the Beverley Hotel rooftop lounge

Chef Vittorio served up a bounty of tasty tidbits that included Steak Tartare, Lettuce Wraps, raw oysters and savoury and sweet boozy popsicles. All were delicious and definitely upped the patio fare I was expecting. No chicken fingers and fries here.

Fresh and raw Oysters at the Beverley Hotel rooftop

Eating a boozy popsicle at the Beverley Hotel Rooftop lounge

They’ve started with the rooftop and in about six weeks the lower level Bar and Restaurant will be open. You know I will be back to check those out but in the meantime, you will probably find me on the Rooftop with a whisky or two in hand.

Hanging with friends


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