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Things To Do Before You Leave The Country On Vacation, Part Two

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You’re planning an epic vacation to a foreign land and you are super excited about going and can’t imagine something bad will happen to you. Chances are good you are right, but what if you are the small minority of people that something does go wrong? Don’t fret I’ve got some great tips for you on what you should do before you leave the country on any vacation. Part One of the tips covered everything from insurance to packing a secret stash of cash. Today’s tips round out my 10 things to do before you leave the country and one of the most important is an ICE Letter.

Things to do before you leave on vacation

1. In Case Of Emergency Letter. An ICE letter is not for you, it is for those you leave behind if something happens to you. This letter should include:

  • all your bank details
  • insurance details
  • important family numbers and
  • passwords for that trusted friend who will wipe your social accounts of anything you don’t want living beyond you.
  • Location of your Will and any other important legal documents

2. Change your ATM pin to 4 digits. Fellow traveller and friend Hannah Logan recently reminded me that for travel to Europe and other parts of the world I should make sure my bank card pin is only 4 digits. Some financial institutions around the word only accept 4 digit pin codes at their ATM’s. I wouldn’t want to need cash and not be able to get it because of an extra two digits. Thanks for the tip Hannah!

ATM punching in a pin Number

4. Get vaccinated. Of course, you know to do this and each country you travel to has their own recommended vaccinations, however, be aware that if you are travelling with kids theirs may take longer. According to Sarah, Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Kids has a family vaccination clinic open where everyone can get their shots at once. What a time saver.


5. International Association for Medical Assistance for Travellers. Friend and well-known travel expert Jody Robbins believes everyone should have an IAMAT membership especially if you travel to a country where finding a medical professional that speaks English might be a challenge. Here are 10 reasons to consider an IAMAT membership.

Plan ahead and your dream vacation won’t become your worst nightmare. Have FUN! I know all of these tips sounds very doom and gloom and predict the worst will happen when you are travelling out of the country but… an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you take care of all of the above then you should enjoy a vacation free from worry and safe in the knowledge you’ve done all the prevention you could possibly do.

Do you have a tip? Share below and I’ll be sure to update and share.

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  1. I leave details and register the trip but have never ever thought to leave all my bank codes and even log in password for my computer for my husband or my oldest daughter even. Whoops! I am now planning to make that happen regularly. I thought I was organized – thanks!

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