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A well-followed digital magazine like Marc My Travels is a valuable asset to any marketing campaign as attested to by clients and users alike.

Marc My Travels offers a number of attractive advertising products.  If one of these does not meet your needs, we will be happy to craft something specifically for you.

Cheers from my oTEntik in Riding Mountain National Park

Advertising Opportunities


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Evolved from what was previously called ‘advertorial’; sponsored content or native advertising is enjoying a huge upswing in effectiveness and popularity in both traditional and digital media. Brands value this advertising channel because association with a particular media channel and exposure to its audience can drive awareness, traffic, conversions, and leads.

The success of Marc My Travels makes it an ideal vehicle through which to promote your product or service with a post tailored to convey your company’s message. Since the inception of Marc My Travels, Marc Smith has acquired a reputation as a writer worth reading for his unique viewpoint and has joined the ranks of well-respected travel and food writers as reflected in the various sections of his website – Where to Stay, Where to Eat & Drink & What to Do.

Let Marc craft a post that tells your story

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CAMPAIGN PACKAGES (available in 6 week, 3 week & 1 week options)

For an All Inclusive Campaign contact Marc for pricing

This top-of-the-line program features a six-week campaign across multiple platforms and includes:

On The Magazine

  • Two banner ads in each daily post (five posts & 10 ads per week for six weeks = total of 60 ads). The first ad appears in the top third of the post, the second as part of the boiler plate post at the end.
  • Boiler plate: each of the 30 posts will end with a mutually-crafted boilerplate acknowledging your sponsorship/support of the campaign and a photo/link/screen capture to a relevant product or service of your choosing.


On Twitter

  • Six tweets per post/day (180 Tweets over the course of the campaign), with two tweets per day including your Twitter handle.
  • Twitter mention in post updates and RT support for your own corporate tweets.
  • Teaser posts highlighting you and the campaign, these are separate from the post updates.



  • Two Facebook status updates per day (60 over the course of the campaign) with one to include your Fan Page link.
"Thank you Marc. I have seen that bakery but never stopped in – I will now for the egg tart and the beef curry tart”
Kaycee Lashman
Loyal Blog Follower, Blue Dragon Campaign
“We’re almost at 1,000 clicks from the in-post banner ads after 10 days!”
Ahmad Daghaim
Tite Group Account Manager (Blue Dragon)
"@TheMarcSmith Turns out blog ads work. Read one of your blog posts recently & yday ended up buying a bottle of Pataks for the first time!”
Pataks Campaign Follower