5 Things To Do In The Bahamas


The Bahamas are often mentioned as an picturesque Caribbean paradise, but sometimes that’s about as far as it goes. We imagine white sand beaches, luxurious resorts, and that wonderful shade of turquoise water that only seems to exist in that part of the world. But the specifics don’t always come to light. To narrow things down for anyone who might be planning a trip, here are some of the things you can do on the island.

The Bahamas

Check Out Blue Lagoon Island

Pretty much the entirety of the Bahamas looks like a paradise, but Blue Lagoon Island might be the most picturesque spot in the country. It’s actually located a few miles away from Nassau, so even though it’s a popular tourist destination it still feels exclusive and remote in its own way. It offers beautiful scenery, an intriguing history as a pirate haven, and perhaps most famously the chance to swim with dolphins (or get up close with sea lions and stingrays!).

Learn About Pirates

All of the Caribbean is attached to pirate lore, and the legends have probably only been enhanced by the fact that there’s now a major film franchise called Pirates Of The Caribbean. The Bahamas actually had more to do with real-life buccaneers than most of its fellow islands. To commemorate the history, they’ve built a really cool museum about pirate history. It’s located on a mock pirate ship in the harbour in Nassau and allows visitors to explore the would-be living quarters and learn about famous pirates from history. This is especially fun if you’re travelling with kids.

Play Games At Atlantis

A lot of folks look to the internet these days for their casino activity, and it’s not hard to see why. Poker and blackjack rooms have become more interactive, and developers have poured time and effort into developing the most interesting slot games possible. However, Atlantis can make you re-think the online casino revolution. It’s a larger than life venue, known for all kinds of attractions but most notably boasting a big, vibrant casino floor. You can almost feel like you’re gaming in Vegas, only instead of being on a gaudy strip in the desert, you’re in the middle of a tropical paradise.

Take A Food Tour

Caribbean food, and Bahamian cuisine specifically, can be a little tricky to define. It tends to be heavy on elements traditional to Central and South America, including rice. beans, plantains, meats, and unique sauces. And when you find authentic preparations, they tend to be pretty delicious. You’ll find a lot of fairly ordinary restaurants aiming to please tourists throughout the Bahamas, but if you manage to take a food tour (or really even find some off the beaten path restaurant recommendations) in Old Nassau, you won’t be disappointed.

Explore Primeval Forest

Forests are perhaps the most underrated elements of Caribbean islands. We tend to focus mostly on beaches, historic seaside towns, and resorts, which is fair enough. But a lot of these islands and small nations have beautifully preserved forests where nature lovers can enjoy lush flora and interesting wildlife. Such is the case at the Primeval Forest, which is home to a wide range of flora and fauna, several acres of undisturbed forest, and even deep limestone caverns. It’s a great place to explore if natural beauty is what draws you to the island.

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