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5 Extremely Fun Australian Theme Parks

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Fun activities are not difficult to find in Australia. The country has a lot to offer, and it definitely isn’t lacking in the theme park department. The Gold Coast is home to a number of theme parks, although a few other cities like Melbourne and Sydney are hosts to some of the most well-known, too.

Sea World Australia Dolphins

Sea World

If you are fond of life under the sea, then you will love this park. It is located in Gold Coast and is just 17 minutes away from the CBD. See penguins, sea lions, sharks, and polar bears in the flesh, running and flapping their arms and fins around. If you are on the more adventurous side, then you should try swimming with the dolphins! The Animal Adventures program allows guests to swim with the gentle giants. If you want something extreme, then try swimming with the sharks! Be one with the sea by visiting Sea World in Gold Coast soon.

Luna Park Australia

Luna Park

Luna Park has been around for more than a century now, yet its amazing rides are only getting better. The iconic giant and smiling face has always been Luna Park’s thing, and tourists are always taking pictures of it and with it. Don’t miss the classic Ghost Train once you’re there, as well as thrilling ones such as the Twin Dragon, Spider, Pharaoh’s Curse, and the Great Scenic Railway. Make the most out of your stay by getting a car rental in Melbourne and see the other amazing tourist destinations in and around the metro. It’s much convenient than taking public transportation and it’s cheaper than you think.

Dreamworld Australia


Another Gold Coast gem is Dreamworld, which is just a 27-minute drive from the CBD. It is the largest theme park in Gold Coast, and this couldn’t get better for both the kids and the adults. For the grown-ups, rides such as The Buzzsaw, Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster, The Giant Drop, and Wipeout are some of the rides that you should try with your friends. There are actually nine thrilling rides, eleven kid’s rides, eight family rides, and twelve Whitewater World rides in Dreamworld.

One more Dreamworld spot that you should never miss is the Corroboree area. It is an interactive and walk-through area that shows the life and stories of the Aborigines. They offer unique activities and safari-like wildlife exhibits that you should never miss. The new and exciting giant Lego store is a big hit with its life-size models and play areas.

Wet’N’Wild Water World Australia

Wet’N’Wild Water World

The Wet’N’Wild Water World theme park is located in one of the most famous cities in Australia: Sydney. The park’s main goal is to instil fun, excitement, and extreme adrenaline rush to its visitors through its water-based rides. It consists of more than 40 slides and other attractions including the SkyCoaster, which drops you 246 feet straight to the ground (with a safety harness, of course). If you’ve got your kids with you, then go ahead and experience the Nickelodeon Beach with them. If you are going with friends, then try convincing them to catch some waves with you at The Surf Deck!

Warner Bros Movie World Australia

Warner Bros Movie World

Bring your childhood dreams to life by visiting the Warner Bros Movie World in Gold Coast. The GC is known to be Australia’s filmmaking capital, so it makes perfect sense that Warner Bros decided to place their theme park here. World-class films such as Scooby Doo and Pirates of the Caribbean are both filmed here, so if you are a fan of both movies, then you are in for a real treat. Try some of their many roller coasters, starting with the Superman Escape, which goes all the way from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 2 seconds! If you are a daredevil, then try the Green Lantern Coaster, which is known to be the second steepest rollercoaster in the world.

Go ahead and have tons of fun, just remember to buckle up, keep your important belongings safe, and have a great time in these awesome theme parks.

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