I Might Be Single But I Deserve Some Valentine’s Day Love Too!


If you don’t love yourself why would anyone else?

Yes that’s right it’s Valentine’s Day. UGH! My yearly reminder that I am single. Wait though I have a great life, great friends and in no way shape or form am I lonely. So why am I freaked out by some “Hallmark” day that’s all about consumerism. I’m not and it’s a good time to remind myself that true love starts with our self.

Resolution #22 Love myself like I’m important, worthy and deserve it.

Where to start? Well I think I deserve a little treat, a hot shave.

Look I can't be bothered to shave some days

When it comes to shaving or any skin care regimen I’m extremely lazy. So I think treating myself to a fabulous and luxurious hot shave by my buddy Farzad at his Barbershop is the perfect way to start. If you’ve never experienced a hot shave before DO IT! It’s amazing and man that’s a close shave.


Farzad giving a trim

We start off by me taking a seat in the barber chair and a layer of shaving cream followed by hot towels to moisten to skin and prepare my face for the shave.

Shaving Cream

Hot towels

Then it’s time to bring on the badger brush and razor.

Badger Brush

razor time

This always feels so decadent when I get this down. Pampered and taken care of so well. More towels, toner and a once over with the razor to make sure I’m completely smooth and then it’s all done.

a final once over to make sure I'm perectly smooth


There it is the finished product. I can’t say it enough if you’ve never had a hot shave before do it! Call Farzad and book yourself in. It’s such a nice treat and it’s only $30.

Farzad and Marc

I’m not done treating myself though. I think I deserve a little sweet action, desert action that is. So a quick 50 steps from the barbershop and I arrive at Ganache Patisserie on Homer St.


I can’t decide what to buy so I pick two of my favourites, Red Velvet Cake and a Caramel Chocolate that looks heavenly!

Red Velvet Cake

Caramel Chocolate

I started with the Red Velvet Cake and saved the Caramel Chocolate for after dinner Smile You could say I had my cake and ate it too.

having my cake and eating it too

So there you go a Valentine’s Day present for myself. I think I may do more for myself as well but I’ll keep that private and just between Me, Myself and I.

Happy Valentines Day. Love yourself and tell all those that you love how important they are to you.

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