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Enjoying Vol 31 Of Pecha Kucha Night In Vancouver

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12 Speakers each with 20 slides at 20 seconds per slide = inspiration.

Imagine you are giving a talk. You can only use 20 slides at 20 seconds per slide to get your message across. That is Pecha Kucha and that is a challenge I accept. I’ve been working out, eating right, losing weight and starting to focus on saving for my retirement, all massively important parts of 30 Days To A Better Me, but what about my career aspirations and improvements?  Last night I went to my first ever Pecha Kucha event. It was at the Vogue Theater and over 1200 people were there. It was inspiring, funny and at times thought provoking. I want to speak at Pecha Kucha!

Gold and Youth open Pecha Kucha Vol 31

360 Wedding

First off what is Pecha Kucha? Started over 10 years ago in Japan by architects Astrid Klein & Mark Dytham as a way to connect ideas and people together. Each speaker is allowed 20 slides at 20 seconds each. That is it. There is no margin for going long, when the Next Speaker slide pops up you are off no matter where you are in your presentation. An exercise is preciseness and creativity. Say good bye to long winded speeches that forget the point they were trying to make. It’s all about creativity, inspiration and timing. Pecha Kucha takes place in over 700 cities around the world.

enraptured Pecha Kucha audience

Last nights Pecha Kucha had 14 speakers give 12 presentations (2 presentations had 2 speakers each). In the spirit of Pecha Kucha I will attempt to share one photo per presentation and one sentence on what I took away from their talk. Please note I was sitting in the upper balcony so some of the photos may be a tad blurry. And go….

Malcom Parry – famed columnist and photographer at the Vancouver Sun showed us how creativity and photography has changed through his eyes and the various cameras he has used over the decades. Hilarious.

Malcom Parry

Navida Nuraney – Executive Director  of artstarts challenged us to live a life a creativity and to break the rules that have held us back from achieving happiness and fulfilment.

Navida Nuraney

Lucia Frangione – A playwright, actor and social justice advocate, Lucia shared her love of words and storytelling. A great example of someone using all of their life experience to move themselves forward.

Lucia Frangione

Devon Boorman  – Founder & Maestro of Academie Duello shared how dreams are great but living a life of integrity and purpose is the true secret we should hold close to our chests. Dream big but don’t let them get in the way of achieving happiness.

Devon Boorman

Jenna Herbut – cofounder of Make It! dared to share with us her passion and enthusiasm for the Craft & DIY movement. You can use your creativity and still make a living connecting people with local crafts and goods.

Jenna Herbut

Chad Brealey – A Dad who is passionate about reconnecting people with the knowledge of where their food comes from. Host of Telus Optick TV’s upcoming TV show Salt, Fresh & Field.

Salt, Fresh & Field

Judith Marcuse – Dancer, choreographer and teacher, Judith challenged and inspired us to explore what Art for Social Change  is all about.  Life and creativity is movement.

Judith Marcuse

Arno Kopecky – An environmental journalist, Arno took us on a journey through the Great Bear Rainforest to see where the Northern Gateway Pipeline would be running. An exploration of place and of people that makes you go hmmm.

Arno Kopecky

Mia Kohout – One of the must influential leaders in the urban cycling movement Mia encouraged us to be a more bike free city. While she had some supporters in the crowds, more bike lanes are a hard sell.

Mia Kohout

Ken Tsui – Programing Director of the 2013 Chinatown Night Market Ken entertained us with his youthful energy and ideas but at the end he brought us back to the realization that we can’t move forward at the expense of honouring and respecting our past.

Ken Tsui

Dane Brown and Clinton McDougall – Owners of Bestie, these boys electrified the crowd with their funkiness, determination and their sense of fun. Sure they opened a restaurant but they showed us that hard work & fun are not mutually exclusive.

Dane Brown and Clinton McDougall

Brady Dahmer & Katie Schaeffers – Founder & Executive Producer of the Projecting Change Film Festival, Brady & Katie shared their excitement and passion for linking great social change films with amazing speakers from around the world to affect local discussion. It’s all about the joy of learning from each other. Sadly my photo did not turn out at all Sad smile

Projecting Change

An inspiring evening with inspiring people.

Another person I find inspiring is my photographer, Justin Lam of Three Sixty Photography. He’s more than just the guy behind the camera he is an artist. He’s done all my professional photos over the years and next week he’ll even be doing a fun video for me. Why hire a photographer to shoot a video for you? Because Justin has it going on. Whether it’s a corporate video or a wedding video it’s all about telling a story and capturing the soul of the people or event. Here’s a video Justin recently shot for Mijune Pak’s 6 Course Discourse Event. I think you’ll agree, WOW! Just wait to you see what Justin and I are cooking up, here’s a hint it’s all about Pink Shirt Day.

360 Wedding

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