Boise Bound, An AHA Moment On The Plane


Airports are the places to be for networking.

How many times have you been at the airport waiting for that first cup of coffee to kick in when you hear your name called out? You know what I’m talking about. Every time I travel it seems like I run into an old work colleague, a new work colleague or just a person I’ve met along the way of my life. It’s always awesome and it helps to catch up and pass the time.

My trip to Boise, Idaho is no different except the person I ran into would make the social media scene swoon with jealousy, Ryan Holmes, the founder & CEO of Hootsuite.

Ryan Holmes and Marc

Our flight to San Francisco was delayed so lucky me I got an hour of chat time with Ryan. We talked about Hootsuite of course, I even got in a couple of “I’d love it if my hootsuite could do this” suggestions Smile I also took the chance to invite Ryan and his team to be a part of my 2nd Annual 30 Days Of Kindness coming up in November, he said yes! All in all a lovely way to spend an hour waiting for a flight and if I do say myself very productive.

That wasn’t the “aha” moment of the day though, that came on my flight from San Francisco to Boise. The plane was delayed, we were sitting on the tarmac and I could feel my “crankiness” rising. I just wanted to get to Boise already!

Plane from San Fran to Boise

Once we take off I’m thinking that all is well and soon I’ll be at my destination, not the case. The woman sitting next to me, her name is Sharon I found out, fidgeted and huffed every 15 seconds. For the first 20 minutes of the it became increasingly annoying. All I wanted to do was yell at her to simmer down and sit quietly. Here’s the “aha” moment. Who am I to scold her? I have no idea what is happening with her, if something is wrong or even if perhaps she is anxious because she is afraid to fly. I take a deep breath and the next time she moves instead of snapping at her I simply ask if she’s afraid of flying?

Bam! Instant response from Sharon was an apology and acknowledgment that she was making the flight uncomfortable. It turns out her feet were freezing as they were on an air vent and she couldn’t get comfortable on top of the fact that she was returning home from a vacation and didn’t want to return to reality. Sharon then thanked me for being so nice about it and she said she appreciated that I snapped her out of her bad mood.

We spent the rest of the flight having a nice talk about Boise and I even picked up a few suggestions on where to go and what to see while I visit Idaho. AWESOME!

What I learned is that some times we need to stop ourselves from the instant reaction, breathe and approach the situation with a bit of empathy. It might not always work but for me and in this instance it did.

Sharon I hope you read this because I’d like to say thanks for the life lesson I hope your visit with your Son this weekend is a great one.

Ok speaking of Boise I’m here and it’s time to go out and explore. Life is an adventures and I’m about to go on one. Bye Smile

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