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The New Art Festival Celebrating 20 Years In The Glebe

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Celebrating 20 years of handmade original art and the people who create it.

I’m back in Ottawa. My week get a way to the 1000 Islands was amazing but I’m ready for a little action back in the hustle and bustle of the big city. My first stop of course is for a coffee and while at Bridgeheads I ask a few people what is happening in town that I should check out. Way before travel guides and blogs people talked to each other and that’s what I decided to do. They overwhelming recommendation was to head to The Glebe and check out The New Art Festival, formerly known as Art In The Park.

The New Art Festival

The Glebe is neighbourhood in Ottawa filled with families, great shopping, parks and some of Ottawa’s most expensive homes. If you are familiar with Vancouver I’d say that The Glebe is just like Kerrisdale. For the past 20 years, over 2 days, 200+ artists and artisans gather up along Patterson Creek in Central Park and set up shop. Overnight a tent city arises with handmade treasures every where you turn.

The Glebe Art In The Park location

The New Art Festival signage

A few steps down into the park and I’ve arrived. The air is alive with creativity and commerce.  Artists are putting the last minute touches on their booths and displays but it’s not fast enough for the us attendees because there are already hundreds of people at the festival and it only just started. At the entrance to the festival there is a great map which shows you the full layout and the vast number of participating artists. I can tell why this was such a hot recommendation at the coffee shop.

stepping down into Cntral Park

Map of the New Art Festival layout

Time to get in an explore what the artists have created for us to enjoy and buy. I have to watch where I step because this festival is very family friendly and “little ones” are everywhere.

Family friendly

character for the kids

There is lots of beautiful jewellery and paintings in all mediums and formats on display. The photo with the artist standing beside his works shows one of my favourite pieces from the whole festival. No room in my suitcase unfortunately and it was so sunny out I couldn’t get a better picture without glare from the sun but trust me the piece was spectacular and really made you think.

Jewellery artisit displays her pieces

one of my favourite pieces of art all day and the artist

There is also tons of other arts and crafts on display. Lots of beautiful leather work, pottery and soaps. No festival would be complete without some food though as well, coffee and a little “Life of Pie” goes a long way to keep your energy up.

Beautiful leather works at teh New Art Festival

Life of Pie

There really was something for everyone at The New Art Festival. Even if you aren’t in the market to buy anything the setting itself is gorgeous, the people are friendly and the it’s just a great way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny Saturday and Sunday.

tree lined avenue in Central Park Glebe

Looking down on the tents in Central Park

If there is one shot that captures the beauty of the festival and the park this is it. Next time I’m back in Ottawa I’ll be sure to enjoy a lovely afternoon coffee or morning walk in Central Park, The Glebe. It doesn’t more picture perfect than this in the city.

I’ve only a couple of more days left in Ottawa but this visit to The New Art Festival is a great way to be welcomed back. I can’t wait to see what else there is to discover in Ottawa.

Peterson Creek in Central Park Glebe

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