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Discovering The 1000 Islands and The St Lawrence River by Kayak

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A modern day Jacques Cartier discovering the wonders on the St Lawrence River.

It’s my last in Gananoque and almost time for me to return to Ottawa but there is one thing I haven’t done yet that I at least want to check out before I leave and that is Kayaking. I’m sad because the two days I had time to go Kayaking the weather didn’t  cooperate with me. After seeing all the kayakers explore the islands from my helicopter ride I at least wanted to check it out for the next time I’m here so that it can be first on my list of things to do, after a cup of coffee of course.

Kayakers paddling through the 1000 Islands

Located right on the waterfront 1000 Islands Kayaking offers up tons of options to chose from. You can rent all the gear and head out on your own or you can take a guided tour (that’s what I’d do). If the kids are driving you crazy drop them off and let them take a Kids Camp or for the older kids that need to get in shape there are fitness classes as well.

1000 Islands Kayaking

1000 Islands Kayaking outside

I could use the exercise after all the good food I’ve been eating but perhaps it’s just as well I’m actually not kayaking today as I’m feeling very relaxed and not sure I really want to exert myself too much Smile I popped my head inside the “office” just to see what they offered and as luck would have it they were just getting a class of kids ready for a lesson.

inside 1000 Islands Kayaking

Getting ready to Kayak

As a kid I was always terrified of watersports. I don’t think it was the actual activity that freaked me out as much as the fear of falling into the water and losing control. Silly in hindsight but fear is irrational at times. Looking at these school kids getting into their kayaks and preparing to head out onto the river makes me jealous.

Kids getting ready to Kayak

off they go

Just imagine a beautiful day spent on the water paddling through the islands with nothing but the sound of the wind and waves in your ears. The best part of kayking the islands is that some of the water ways are very shallow and so kayak or canoe would be the only way to actually experience them.

Unfortunately I didn’t Kayak the 1000 Islands but it just means that I have something to look forward to on my next visit.

I bid a found farewell to Gananoque and begin my return to Ottawa for the last port of my 30 Days In Ottawa. I have to be honest that as I drove away I became very sad. I truly had a spectacular time here and in the brief time I was here I was starting to make some friends. I guess this means I really do have to come back next year. Maybe if I’m lucky enough I’ll win the Island. Have you entered the contest yet? Remember if you win you must take me with you.

Win this Isalnd

Visit 1000 Islands

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