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A Rocking 60’s Musical Soap Opera In The 1000 Islands

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“Wait a minute Mister Postman…”

It’s my last night in Gananoque before I head back to spend the rest of 30 Days In Ottawa and I’ve been craving some culture. Not too much culture but a night of fun entertainment that didn’t come from a laptop (Netflix) or the TV in my hotel room. I want to see people and I want to laugh. There is only one answer and it’s to see some live theatre at the 1000 Islands Playhouse.

Gananoque Playhouse

1000 Islands Playhouse

I had seen the theatre from the water the previous day when we had cruised by and it was only a 5 minute stroll from where I was staying at the Gananoque Inn.

1000 Island Playhouse signage

Springer Theatre

You know you live in a waterfront community when the best view of the theatre is actually from the water. In fact if you spend time on the islands and decide you want to come into town for a night of theatre not to worry, you can actually dock your boat at the Theatre’s marina, all you have to do is phone in ahead with your reservation. this brings new meaning to a “drive in theatre”.

Theatre Marina

1000 Island Theatre docks

After dinner my touring buddy Cody and I walked over to catch the current production, a rocking 60’s musical soap opera called SUDS by Melinda Gilb, Steve Gunderson and Bryan Scott.


waiting area of the theatre

The stage is set, the lights dim and then BAM your toes start a tapping. The entire play is a soundtrack of some of the best songs from the 60’s and we ALL know the words. Have you ever played that game where you and a friend can only speak to each other through song? That is exactly what watching and listening to SUDS was like and I loved it. Even Cody who is 20 years my junior enjoyed it.

Tracy Michailidis as Dee Dee, Alison MacDonald as Cindy, Kristin Galer as Marge

Marge & Dee Dee look on while Daniel Falk as The Man is accosted by Cindy

My toes were tapping every minute of the lay and worse I almost caught myself singing out loud a few times as well. “Wait a minute Mister Postman…”

My big shock of the night was how fantastic the production was. To be honest I assumed that this would be a small town theatre production with local talent. WRONG. The 1000 Islands Playhouse is a serious theatre company and the talent on the stage an dbehind the stage is evident. The lead actress in SUDS, Alison MacDonald, I actually saw perform in Gateway Theatre’s production of The Sound Of Music a couple of years ago.

Big lesson, never assume. Unfortunately for you this production is now over however the 2013 Season has only just begun and the 1000 Islands Playhouse has a great line up on offer if you are in the neighbourhood. If you aren’t sure which play would be up your alley not to worry the brand new Artistic Director of the Playhouse, Ashley Corcoran, records little videos describing each play for you. Here is her take on the play Boeing Boeing which plays until July 27th.

I had no idea I could enjoy great theatre while vacationing in one of Canada’s best summertime getaway regions.

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