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Where To Stay In Maui– Napili Kai Beach Resort 50 Years Of Aloha

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10 Acres and only 163 units equals home.

After a fabulous and peaceful two nights staying in upcounty Makawao at Hale Hookipa I’m ready to be a bit closer to the beach and surf, this is Maui after all. A 35 minute drive back down to the coast and just a few minutes north of the Kaanapali Beach Resort area is Napili Kai Beach Resort. A generous 10 acre property, started by Canadians 50 years ago, that has only 163 condo units and a beach right on it means I may have just found my new home away from home. Back in Vancouver I live in a condo tower that has over 200 units in it so sharing 10 acres with 163 other travelers sounds like a little slice of beachfront heaven to me. I wonder if I could turn 30 Days In Hawaii to 365?

View from the lobby of Napili Kai Beach Resort

Dining Out For Life

A short check-in process and then I am off to my room. Believe it or not my hotel room will be serving as the backdrop for my live Skype interview on The Rush with Fiona Forbes and my workout buddy Steven Schelling. I couldn’t ask for a better spot, right on the beach with glorious views and a massive lanai that spans the width of the condo.

View from my condo at Napili Kai Beach Resort

King Size bed at Napili Kai Beach Resort

Bathroom at Napili Kai Beach Resort

Full size lanai that spans the entire condo at Napili Kai Beach Resort

Of course except for sleeping, showering the beach off me and writing my daily posts I don’t expect to be in my room much. I picked a great place because with 10 acres of property there is lots of space to explore at Napili Kai. They have 4 swimming pools, hot tubs and a large mini golf course and putting green. If you get bored here then you are certainly way too wound up and really need a vacation.

Hot tub at Napili Kai Beach Resort

one of 4 pools at Napili Kai Beach Resort

pool at Napili Kai

Mini Golf course at Napili Kai Beach Resort

Of course one of the best amenities that Napili Kai has is only 50 steps from my condo, the beach. Famed for it’s snorkelling it’s a great place to soak up some sun, go for a swim and even Stand Up Paddle board (stay tuned for tomorrow’s post).

The beach at Naplili Kai Beach Resort

The Napili Beach

Running into the water at Napili Kai

If you feel restless then you can also go for a little stroll along the coastline of the property. I loved doing this first thing in the morning with a coffee in hand and saying hello to geckos.

Strolling along the Napili Kai coast path

looking back at the beach

Geckos on the rocks at Napili Kai

Along my stroll I also learned a bit of how the Hawaiians used the lava rock coast to their advantage to collect salt for preserving meat and fish as well as a “rinse cycle” for gathered seaweed. I took a picture of the pools to show you an example but unfortunately it didn’t turn out Sad smile It was kinda cool to see how the ancient Hawaiians used the natural resources around them to survive and prosper.

anciet Hawaiian tradtions

Also at Napili Kai is a restaurant called Sea House, which guess what? It has phenomenal views including a few whale breaches while I was there enjoying dinner (post to come).

View from Sea House restaurant at Napili Kai Beach Resort

I loved my stay at Napili Kai while I was on Maui. It’s quiet enough to relax yet close enough to some of the action that it didn’t feel like an effort to leave the resort. High on my list of places to return to and not just for the beach. Apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way because I met a “young” couple who where celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary by returning to the place where they honeymooned. How romantic!

Thank you to my friends at the Hawaii Visitor’s Bureau for helping make this adventure possible. If you want to have your own Hawaiian adventure there is no better place to start than Go Hawaii, after you read this blog series though first.

Pool or beach you decide

Dining Out For Life

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