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Let The Adventures Begin At Whaler’s Cove Resort

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My home away from home.

As I drive to the airport guess what is falling from the sky? Snow. A trip to Hawaii could not have come at a better time and the first Island I’ll be exploring is Kauai, the Garden Island. Stepping off the plane I know I’m not in Vancouver anymore because I’m way overdressed. In the time it takes me to collect my luggage and pick up my rental car for this part of the trip I’ve already started to sweat, the steamy heat is FANTASTIC. I am ready to begin 30 Days In Hawaii so let’s get the adventures started!

Kauai The Garden Island

Dining Out For Life

The first adventure is to get to my first hotel, Whalers Cove Resort. Even though I have my Roam Mobility Sim in my phone, Cell Data at the airport is very slow, I only have Edge speed so it takes awhile for the Google Maps to load so I can find Whaler’s Cove. Perhaps I should have added GPS in my car rental Smile Not to worry, the directions eventually load and I’m off. The drive is gorgeous with lush Palm trees and flowering trees all along the road. I even had a rain shower on one stretch of the drive but it was gone in just a few minutes. 30 Minutes from the airport I’ve arrived at my first destination, Whaler’s Cove Resort.

Whaler's Cove Resort

registrattion at Whaler's Cove

Whaler’s Cove is more of a private condo complex than a hotel. Check in was super quick, under 5 minutes, and then it was off to check out my room. Mistake, it’s not a room it’s a 1400sq foot 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with sweeping ocean vistas. Unbelievable and way more space than I have back in my own condo in Vancouver. This actually reminds me of where I usually stay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Living Room at Whaler's Cove

Full Sized kitchen at Whaler's Cove

Seriously this place is so big I could live here full time. The master bedroom has it’s own bathroom and a walk in closet plus it opens up directly onto the Lanai which is the width of the entire condo. For the next two nights I will be lulled to sleep and awoken with the sounds of the pounding surf! Heaven, I’m in heaven.

Master Bedroom at Whaler's Cove

Master Bathroom at Whaler's Cove

View from the Master Bedroom at Whaler's Cove

I drop my bags and get myself all organized, this will be my home for the next couple of days after all. Now it’s time to explore the property and all it has to share with me. Directly beneath my condo is a lovely lawn. To my disappointment I discovered too late is that this is where everyone gathers at sunset to take pictures of the setting sun. As soon as I saw it and realized what was happening I ran down but was too late, the sun had slipped below the ocean, tomorrow night I promise!

Lawn below my condo at Whaler's Cove

Sunset viewing benches at Whaler's Cove

Palm trees at Whaler's Cove

On my way to try to capture the sunset I discovered the pool and lounge area. Now this is what I’m talking about. Paradise by the sea. I went for a quick swim to wash off the “travelling” funk and to really imprint that I wasn’t in Vancouver any more and while I was in the pool I heard one of the other guests yell out Whales! I jumped out of the pool and sure enough right in front of us was a pod of whales. I think I saw about 4 separate ones rise out and expel water through their blow holes. If only my camera could have captured it for you, they were just too far away. Please take my word though when I say it was magical. In my first few hours in Hawaii and at Whaler’s Cove no less I see WHALES! Unbelievable.

Pool area at Whaler's Cove

Pool and Hot Tub at Whaler's Cove

If the start of my adventures is any indication of the rest then I am in for a spectacular 30 Days In Hawaii. Aloha and Mahola (Welcome and thank you).

Than you to my friends at the Hawaii Visitor’s Bureau for helping make this adventure possible. If you want to have your own Hawaiian adventure there is no better place to start than Go Hawaii, after you read this blog series though first Smile


Under The Covers by Dawn Chubai

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  1. My wife and I will be honeymooning at Whaler’s Cove.

    It was great to read about your stay and we are so looking forward to our trip to Kauai in May.

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