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3 Ways Technology Is Changing How We Vacation For The Better

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Gone are the days of disconnecting from your world the minute you set foot on the plane.

How is technology changing how we vacation? Is it? My Hawaiian adventures are over, for now, but like every great holiday and experience they will live on forever in my memory and now my memory sticks. When I first arrived back from Hawaii I ran into my friend Steve Dotto of Dotto Tech fame. We got to talking about my trip and the question was asked if I learned anything new while I was gone. The answer was simple, lots. Lots about myself, the Islands of Hawaii of course but a surprising revelation was how technology is changing how we vacation. It certainly changed the experience for me. Just like that Steve asked me to come on his radio show the following week to talk about my experiences, which brings us to today. I want to share with you 3 ways I found that technology changing how we vacation, for the better.

Dotto Tech Radio

Town Hall Team

Here’s the Link to the full interview with Steve Dotto. Fast forward to 38:34 minutes for my segment to start.

Here’s a recap of what I had to say:

1. Make sure that hotels you stay at have Wi-Fi in the rooms and on the general property in general. Connecting you phone to the Wi-Fi saves your data usage and you can instagram pics of yourself enjoying a beer on the Lanai anytime you feel like it.


2. Switch to a Roam Mobility sim card and Liberty Hotspot for Talk/Text and Data. You end up getting a USA phone number but the costs are drastically reduced compared to your Canadian carrier costs. For example a 14 day package of unlimited Talk & Text + 4GBs of Data on the Sim Card plan is only $48.95. One word of advice check with Roam Mobility to confirm compatibility before you choose SIM, or Liberty Hotspot. They are both great but you want to make the right choice the first time.

Travel Sim Card

3. When using a GoPro it’s all about the accessories. Everyone wants to capture that awesome moment on the Stand Up Paddle board where you stand for more than 3 seconds. What they don’t know when they buy their GoPro is that the camera itself is useless to you unless you have the rights accessories and mounts. GoPros are like a woman’s dress, they look great on the rack but until they are accessorized you wouldn’t go out in public with it. A case in point one of the surf instructors I meant told me not to use my GoPro if I was to try surfing that day because I had the wrong attachment and my camera would end up with hundreds of others on the ocean floor.

A bonus tip for those of you that like to document where and when you visit places, I just discovered a cool “recipe” from IFTTT (If This Then That). This recipe syncs up your Foursquare Check Ins to your Google Calendar. From now on I’ll know where and when I was at a spot, great for keeping track of business meetings as well Smile


IFTT recipe

So there you have it. Just 3 ways that in the 21st Century technology is changing how we vacation. Thank god the days of the invites to come over to watch the vacation slide show are over, now we can see it as it happens on your Facebook. Happy vacations!

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