Ganong Satisfying Canada’s Sweet Tooth For 140 Years


How sweet it is!

I love chocolate, you love chocolate, we all love chocolate but who really loves chocolate is the Ganong family of St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Five generations of Ganongs have kept the Canadian sweet tooth satisfied from East Coast to West Coast. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Bryana and Nick Ganong, the next generation, when they came out to Vancouver as part of a cross country road trip promoting their fabulous chocolates and confections.

Nick and Bryana Ganong

I tried my best to stir up some family drama asking who was going to be taking over the company but apparently when you eat chocolate everyday you are super nice! Hmmm I wonder if there has been a scientific study about that effect from chocolate consumption before? Anyway the reason Nick and Bryana were in town was part sales trip and part spreading the word about Ganong to those of us on the West Coast that may not know as much about them.

In the name of research I sampled everything for you. Yummy is all I can say. My stand out favourites have to be the chocolate covered caramels (chewy not liquid) and the Fruitfull sugared jellies. I hate to admit it but I ate an entire box of the Fruitfull in one sitting Sad smile Oh my what a little piggy I was.

Fruitfull jellies

Delecto group of chocolates

If you are from the East Coast then you know all about Chicken Bones, and no not the ones that come from real chickens but the candy confection created by Ganong Bros in 1885. A delicious semi-sweet chocolate surprise inside a hard cinnamon candy shell, well yes thank you I will try one, surprisingly yummy and not too cinnamon hot. Once you get over the names you see why they are a classic.

Chicken Bones

If you are throwing a holiday party or going to one then a box of chocolates is the perfect treat to share. I’ve seen Ganong and their varies brands on shelves (Canadian Tire, London Drugs, & Save On Foods) for years but until now I didn’t know they were a Canadian company. Even better news is that if you are the lucky person you won’t have to buy and chocolates any time soon because I’ve a massive Ganong gift basket to give away! Yes that’s right over $110 worth of Ganong goodies could be all yours, just follow the contest instructions below.

Ganong Gift Basket giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That’s it that is all from me for 2013. You may still see a new or even a favourite post from the past pop back up over the next few weeks but I’m taking a break. It’s time to connect with family and friends and perhaps a turkey or two Smile

From me to you Happy Holidays and I look forward to bring you more amazing adventures in 2014. I can promise you that 2014 is already looking to be the most exciting year of my life yet, Two trips are already planned for the new year and one of them is a hot destination…. 30 Days In Hawaii!! Woot woot. Stay tuned for more details but until then


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  1. I love those fruit jelly candies that come in the shape of fruit slices. I bet the Fruitfuls from Gangon are pretty good too!

  2. I love Midget Gems chewy gums from England but my teeth complain a bit whoops! Chocolate of course but ti has to be the good stuff!

  3. pot of gold Chocolates! and homemade goodies too. Heck any candy or choclate I love 🙂 ty Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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